Pedrali celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ara chair

2021 is a special year for Pedrali, marking the 10th anniversary of the Ara collection, designed by Jorge Pensi


The Ara chair by Jorge Pensi for Pedrali turns 10. For the last ten years it has furnished numerous projects around the world. Made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, it features a “handle” at the end of the backrest for easier lifting and moving. With an embossed texture, it can have a lightly padded seat cushion. It is stackable and available in different sizes, with or without armrests.

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Ara chair, by Jorge Pensi Studio for Pedrali, at the exhibition “I maestri del Paesaggio”, Bergamo, 2017

Jorge Pensi, Argentinian architect based in Barcelona, explains that “polypropylene made it possible to create a monoblock chair. Then, since the chair is generally placed under the table, the first thing you notice is its backrest. Therefore, we decided that the backrest had to be elegant and we focused on the handle, which also makes it stackable.”

Ara chair, in polypropylene, at the Starfield Library, in Seoul

Many projects around the world have chosen this chair by Pedrali: from the Starfield Library in Seoul to the cloister of the Convento della Ripa in Albino (Bergamo), up to several first-class hotels and restaurants. Moreover, the company’s lounge chairs decorated the streets of Upper Bergamo during the international exhibition “I Maestri del Paesaggio”.

Ara chair, in polypropylene, at Convento della Ripa, in Albino (Bergamo)

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