A new edition of Agorà Design

From September 30 to October 3, 2021, a new edition of Agorà Design will be back. This biennial event takes place in Martano and celebrates design in Salento

From September 30 to October 3, 2021, in Martano, in the heart of Salento and more precisely in Grecìa Salentina, Agorà Design will be back. This event is dedicated to architecture and design culture, promoted by the homonymous cultural association with the support of a main sponsor, Sprech, and the collaboration of other public and private realities. In addition to a rich program of conferences and thematic workshops, Agorà Design features a competition for professionals, designers, craftsmen and students. The competition is divided into two sections: Agorà Living, dedicated to indoor furniture, and Agorà Garden, dedicated to the outdoor universe and divided into textile structures (covers, tensile structures, awnings, dehors, gazebos) and outdoor furniture.

Discover trends in outdoor furniture (part 1)

Discover trends in outdoor furniture (part 2)


Agora Design and design in Salento

Since 1996, thanks to this event, this town in Salento has become a meeting place for designers, creatives and entrepreneurs from all over Italy, but also a space for the free circulation of ideas on cultural and social issues related to architecture. The dialogue and the encounter between generations and different cultures represent the soul of Agorà Design, which, over the years, has become an increasingly international event thanks to the participation of leading figures such as Stefano Boeri, Benedetta Tagliabue (jury president), Walter Mariotti (editorial director, Domus), Novella Cappelletti (editor-in-chief, Paysage), Marco Rainò (architect), Florinda Saieva (Farm Cultural Park), Francesco Pagliari (architecture and art critic, writer for The Plan).

Benedetta Tagliabue

Agorà Design: prizes and opportunities

The theme of the new edition is “The design moment. Romantic visions and narratives of the profound bond between a designer and a project.” The instant that the Anglo-Saxons call insight, a brainwave, or, as Ophra Winfrey puts it, the Aha! moment. That spark that leads from the idea to the project and then to its realization.

The winners in the two sections of the competition will receive prize money. Moreover, all participants will have the opportunity to transform their project into a product. At the end of the event, Sprech, the event’s main sponsor, will choose some of the competing projects to create prototypes to be included in its commercial catalog – a unique opportunity in Italy in the field of architecture and design competitions.

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