Wallover furnishing system by Caccaro

Wallover is the new furnishing system by Caccaro that makes it possible to personalize the walls in every space of the house


Caccaro, an Italian company specializing in the creation of high-end furnishing products and systems, presents Wallover, the new system of horizontal and vertical storage units combined on the wall with rhythm and proportions that give an architectural touch to domestic spaces.

The possibility of freely combining the elements of Wallover enables infinite configurations. Wallover systems can be used to create full-height double-sided pillars or equipped walls with TV set for the living area. But also bookcases, storage units for the sleeping area or functional compositions for the entrance. Wallover furnishing systems are not simple customizable storage units but artistic compositions that furnish domestic walls and spaces in a unique way.

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Wallover: one furnishing system, endless possibilities

For the interior of the furnishings, a wide range of equipment with different functions is available. Moreover, the modules can be enriched with a lighting system highlighting the details and contours of the structure both internally and externally. Wallover offers the possibility to choose both the composition and the finishes of the furniture system. A freedom that allows you to fit out your home meeting your tastes and needs.

Wallover is available in laminate, lacquered, glass and wood finishes of the Freedhome palette (the other large storage system by Caccaro), Kera, the new family that visually and tactilely recalls the naturalness of stone, and Oxid, the new material that plays on metallic reflections.

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Why to furnish a home with Wallover

Wallover is first and foremost technical innovation, aesthetic cleanliness and customized hardware. But also attention to the thickness of the panels and manufacturing automatically controlled thanks to industrial systems 4.0.

Sensoriality, light and self-expression are the principles expressed by Caccaro in its latest creations, including Wallover: an innovative, practical and functional furnishing system tailored to the personality and needs of the customers.

Discover also Freedhome by Caccaro, the freedom to furnish walls

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