Casa Fevi welcomes Mediterranean tradition

SOA has created Casa Fevi in Trapani, a house that has been restored preserving the beauty of the local architectural tradition

Casa Fevi-Architettura mediterranea-casa-Trapani-Studio-SalvatoreOddoArchitetto

SOA – Salvatore Oddo Architetto – has renovated and upgraded the semi-ruined spaces of a portion of a historical baglio in the Trapani area. The new dwelling is called Casa Fevi and has a contemporary style that preserves all the charm of the local Mediterranean agricultural architecture.

Casa Fevi: the project

The architectural composition of Casa Fevi recalls that of a traditional baglio. The baglio is an ancient agricultural building very common in Sicily, characterized by an open space at the center.


This house consists of three volumes overlooking a central outdoor space, connected by a 22 sqm roof with wooden ceiling and large full-height windows. This roof makes it possible to pass from one body of the house to another, from one area of the house to another.

On the ground floor of Casa Fevi there is the kitchen, with Fenix shelves and cabinet doors, the living room, the bathroom, the laundry and a utility room. In the living room, a metal staircase hanging from the ceiling leads to the second floor, where there are the master bedroom with walk-in closet and the second bathroom. Finally, on the second and last floor, there is a study.

The master bedroom has a direct exit to an outdoor area. The French window leads to a passage with wooden slats that leads to a small terrace, in correspondence of the roof of the body that houses the bathroom on the ground floor.

Respect for the origins at Casa Fevi

The renovation and redevelopment of the spaces of the historical baglio that today hosts Casa Fevi have been conservative. For example, the volume and the shape of the building have been kept in their original state. The ancient Sicilian tiles found during the works are used to cover the roofs and the pitches of the house. Lastly, the first step of the staircase leading to the upper floor in the living room, the only one that is not made of metal, belongs to the ancient threshold of the entrance door of the old building, preserved and tailored to suit new needs.

Ancient and modern: Casa Fevi reinterprets local architectural traditions

For the project of Casa Fevi, the colors and materials of the local rural architectural tradition, such as iron, wood, lime plaster and concrete flooring, have been used and reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The pink façade evokes a typical Mediterranean bucolic atmosphere, in harmony with the colors of the surrounding nature and adjacent historical architecture.

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[Photo: Benedetto Tarantino]

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