Diesel Living is back at Milano Design City

On the occasion of Milano Design City – April 2021 edition, Diesel returned to Milan with a new layout in the showroom, Diesel Living – Together Apart[ment]

Diesel Living – Together Apart[ment], living area
The new collection by Diesel Living celebrates the return to the showroom after 10 years, with a new layout that emphasizes the importance of the home in these difficult times. Created in collaboration with the best Made in Italy companies, the new furnishings are customizable and comfortable, for a sober luxury. The partners of the Diesel Living collection are the company’s historical partners: Scavolini for bathrooms and kitchens, Moroso for the living area. Over time, other partners have joined the company: Lodes for lighting, Iris Ceramica for surfaces, floors and accessories, Berti for floors, Mirabello for textiles, and others.

Diesel Get Together Kitchen by Scavolini

Get Together with the Diesel Living kitchen by Scavolini

The kitchen for this project is the Diesel Get Together Kitchen by Scavolini. The concept, an evolution of the Diesel Social Kitchen collection, is based on blocks of color and materials that make the space fluid, in a kitchen with a convivial atmosphere. This kitchen, customizable in all elements, has a very contemporary style. Numerous industrial-inspired details, such as metal elements and screws, are combined with three types of handles, one recessed and two bridge handles in Titanium finish. The Misfits storage system in painted metal completes the environment; the free-standing elements can be positioned freely.

Diesel Misfits Bathroom by Scavolini

Diesel Misfits Bathroom is the bathroom version of the new collection created by Scavolini in partnership with Diesel Living. Here, the forms of the Misfits trolley and sideboard are redefined to accommodate the washbasin. The program is completed by the mirror, the wall units and the system of dedicated shelves, which enhance the uniqueness of the collection.

A detail of the Diesel Get Together Kitchen by Scavolini equipped with table with Liquid Cosmo top by Iris Ceramica

Surfaces by Iris Ceramica

Key components of the Diesel Living collection are Iris Ceramica wall and floor tiles. In this image of the kitchen, the walls are covered with the City Lights collection in Sky blue and azure shades that fade into reddish accents. On the floor, the natural effect of Liquid Stone, in the Mud color variant, in the 120 x 60 cm size.

Diesel Living Together Apart[ment], Liquid Sky porcelain stoneware tiles by Iris Ceramica
The finish of Liquid Cosmo in the Purple variant is particularly striking and is inspired by white marble enriched with shades of purple. Thanks to its very reduced thickness, this material creates table tops with a special translucence.

Liquid Cosmo ceramic top in the Purple color variant, by Iris Ceramica

Lastly, the living area shows the comfort and high quality of Italian products. Soft furniture and bookshelves are made by Moroso as usual, while the lamps are by Lodes.

The living area with the Cloudscape sofa by Moroso, in recycled cotton, and Flask pendant lamps by Lodes

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