scic italia-cucina da esterno

Canossa, outdoor kitchens by Scic Italia

Scic Italia presents Canossa, a modern and customizable kitchen for cozy and functional outdoor spaces

scic italia-cucina da esterno

Canossa is the new outdoor kitchen designed by Ser-John & Co for Scic Italia. Customizable to meet different tastes and needs, Canossa fits perfectly into any type of outdoor space, from the country garden to the industrial loft, up to the urban terrace. Canossa’s simple and minimalist design is enhanced by additional elements that offer the same convenience as a traditional indoor kitchen.

Scic Italia: traditional kitchens with a contemporary turn

Canossa explores an evolved concept of luxury. The additional elements typical of traditional kitchens such as metals, handrails, brass and feet are reinterpreted in a contemporary way, giving the kitchen a timeless effect.

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Its metal matrix imposes a greater compositional rigor. The vertical brackets interrupt the rhythm of the composition, making it possible to match doors of different materials and thicknesses. Therefore, the same front can have 12 mm stoneware doors with groove opening and 27 mm doors in ribbed and lacquered glass with handle, or stone or walnut doors.

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The Canossa kitchen perfectly expresses the philosophy of Scic kitchens. It has a central area for installing systems, which makes electrical wiring and the connection of water and drains easier. Moreover, its suspended structure allows for the installation of any household appliance, including the dishwasher. Finally, through an exclusive adjustment mechanism of the leveling feet, the system can manage a floor 22 mm out of square, leaving the aesthetics of the entire design intact.

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