Prima Cafè milano

Kinetic art at Prima Cafè in Milan

Elegant, dynamic, interactive, Prima Cafè, in the heart of Milan, is the right place to relax by yourself or in company

Prima Cafè milano

Prima Cafè, a Prima Assicurazioni project, opens in Milan, on Corso Garibaldi. Its philosophy is based on dynamism, technology, and emotion: a meeting place to transform your day in a light and fun way. Being a container of different functions, from café to bistro, up to restaurant and cocktail bar, it is a meeting point from morning to evening.

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The project by architecture firm Park Associati creates an informal, versatile and technological space. A double-finished pleated ribbon, inspired by kinetic art, runs along all the walls. The resin floor features a broken-line design that emphasizes the two different surface finishes, glossy and matte, alternated by a brass profile.

Occupying a total of 200 square meters, the environments change throughout the day depending on natural light. The cool blues and purples of the furnishings dialogue with raw iron tables and bronze finishes.

Discover Bardem, a speakeasy bar in central Helsinki

Prima Cafè Milano

The lighting design project by iGuzzini creates ever-changing atmospheres. 600 transparent reflective tubes lit by LED projectors create a spectacular light wave inspired by Neon Art works on the whole ceiling. The intensity and color of the light are programmed to change over time: light and delicate during the day, warm and intense in the evening, they follow the principles of the circadian rhythm. Light adapts to the human biological clock to ensure maximum well-being.

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