Architects Tales, conversations with architecture experts

Rubner Group and Luca Molinari Studio to live-stream a cycle of meetings with architects

Architects Tales is the name of the new project of the Rubner Group aimed at keeping alive the relationship with architecture. This series of online conversations with internationally renowned architects and designers, curated by Luca Molinari Studio, will explore topical issues in contemporary architecture and urbanism.

Building with wood to reduce CO2 emissions

Peter Rubner, President Rubner Group

“We firmly believe that it is fundamental to give further impulse to sustainability, trying to make society aware of it – underlines Peter Rubner, President of the Rubner Group. Building with wood, for example, reduces the CO2 emissions of buildings. Every wooden building, or even a product, is a natural CO2 storage tank: 1 cubic meter of wood captures about 1 ton of CO2. An extraordinary figure if you think that an average-sized car emits about 3.2 tons of CO2 in a year.”

Live-stream meetings will range from sustainability to building quality up to architecture as a central space for social interaction. From time to time, the different topics will be explored from a different perspective in order to reflect and tackle with greater awareness the challenges that design and architecture are going to face in the future. Among the main themes will be natural architecture, ecosystem, innovation, as well as quality, from design to construction, with research and sustainability embodied in the works of the invited architects as examples of best practices. Among others, the cycle will host Lina Ghotmeh (France), Laboratorio Permanente (Italy), Stefano Belingardi (Italy), Dietrich/Untertrifaller Architekten (Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany), LAN (France), Cino Zucchi (Italy), Michele De Lucchi (Italy).


The Architects Tales calendar: the scheduled meetings

live on Instagram Rubner Haus channel September, 16th 2021 h. 17:00 – 18:00
Luca Molinari with Michele De Lucchi

The design process is always at the center of the architectural debate, during this conversation we will try to highlight the importance of the entire production process that leads from idea to construction.October 6th, 2021 h. 17:00-18:00
Luca Molinari with Cino Zucchi

“Quality” as a key word to talk about the post-pandemic approach to the design of domestic and urban spaces. How to rethink the spaces we live in and what does quality mean in architecture in 2021?October 11th, 2021 h. 15:00-16:00
Luca Molinari with Umberto Napolitano – LAN

“Research” as a fundamental step in the design process, how research and innovation inform the project so that it is able to respond to an ever-changing scenario.October 22nd, 2021 h. 17:00-18:00
Luca Molinari with Much Untertrifaller

“Innovation” plays an important role in the daily practice of every firm, as it is a challenge that constantly pushes beyond the quality of architectural and industrial production.November 18th, 2021 h. 18:00-19:00
Luca Molinari with Laboratorio Permanente and Stefano Belingardi

“Ecosystem” is a complex and balanced environment that is generated by a careful counterbalance between anthropogenic and natural elements. How could architecture prove to be an ally in preserving and enhancing this balance?

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