CEADESIGN presents the GIOTTO PLUS collection

GIOTTO PLUS, the faucet collection by CEADESIGN

Designed by Natalino Malasorti for CEADESIGN, the GIOTTO PLUS faucet line is the expansion of the Giotto range. Like the GIOTTO collection, GIOTTO PLUS is in AISI 316L stainless steel, which has lower carbon content and offers better mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.


The GIOTTO collection is inspired by pure and archetypal circular forms for a consistent look combined with essential functionality. This wide product range is completed by the collection of accessories, also inspired by the circle. GIOTTO PLUS, the collection extension, was created to offer new faucet configurations with the single-lever mixer faucet. The distinctive feature of GIOTTO PLUS is the generous handle that houses the mixer cartridge. The recessed body uses a rapid fitting coupling to the hydraulic system (Plumbing Water Fitting), thanks to which it is possible to simplify the installation and house the mixing cartridge in the external body.


GIOTTO PLUS: the mixer faucet inspired by the circle

A wide range of remote controls and shower sets enables countless combinations with the FREE IDEAS components; spouts, showerheads and hand showers allow you to configure and customize your mixer. All GIOTTO PLUS products are available in the satin and polished finish and in all of CEA’s special finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold), which are ecological and biocompatible.


Washbasin and bidet spouts are equipped with 5 l/min water-saving aerators, which can be replaced with 3.8 l/min aerators or even 1.9 l/min should a LEED certification be required; the spouts for tub filling are equipped with a flow straightener without flow restriction.

The GIOTTO PLUS collection of mixer faucets uses a universal rapid fitting coupling complete with fixing bracket, a CEADESIGN industrial innovation patent. Moreover, the lever of the mixer faucet has a double movement: it allows you to adjust temperature and water flow rate without tilting the handle, thus preserving the product’s look. Another industrial innovation patent by CEADESIGN.

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