With its 50 years of history, the Xila kitchen by Boffi has been renovated

Xila, the historic kitchen by Boffi, is now available in a new version to meet contemporary living needs

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In 1972 Boffi launched Xila, the revolutionary kitchen designed by Luigi Massoni. It was the first to showcase wall and base units without handles and with a simple pressure opening. This innovative system revolutionized the world of design and kitchens, turning Xila into a timeless design icon.

Xila inherited the innovation introduced by the previous E15 from 1965, which set fixed modularity for kitchen units based on 15 cm modules.

On the occasion of the Supersalone 2021, Boffi presented a new version of Xila, with anthracite MDi surfaces by Inalco. The grey color of MDi surfaces slightly contrasts with the Shades cabinet doors and worktop in smoked oak.

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Boffi chooses MDi surfaces by Inalco

Inalco MDi (Mineral Design innovation) surfaces represent a whole new breakthrough for the world of architecture and interior design. Inalco selects the best minerals and speeds up the natural lithogenetic cycle, thanks to an innovative and sustainable production process. Moreover, thanks to a Full Digital technology applied to the whole production process, Inalco controls the design of its surfaces guaranteeing extraordinary definition and matchless textures.

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The new edition of Xila preserves the history of a timeless product, which has been renovated to keep up with the times. Today Xila meets contemporary living needs through the use of sustainable and durable materials, delivering excellent functional and aesthetic performance.

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