Window, the new decorative radiator by Cordivari Design

Cordivari Design presents Window, the new decorative radiator resulting from the collaboration with Pescara’s Università Europea del Design, winner of the iF Design Award

The project stems from the desire to promote the creativity of young students, coordinated by professor and designer Monica Alegiani.


Beatrice De Sanctis has designed a versatile and ergonomic decorative radiator that combines functionality and a winning look. Window consists of a steel plate and a movable frame, also made of steel, that forms a practical towel warmer.


The frame and the towel warmer open and close only when needed, thus helping optimize space even in small bathrooms. Moreover, the plate and frame can be of different colors, becoming decorative as well as functional accessories.

Discover Frame and Lynea, the radiator equipped with accessories


Simple and minimalist, the Window radiator by Cordivari Design shows that complex mechanisms are not necessary to obtain ergonomics and functionality; neither are overly complicated decorations needed to have elegance and beauty, even in a small space.

Discover also Sofi HC, the radiator that is also a fan coil unit

Cordivari has also presented Tessuto, the radiator designed by Marco Pisati, selected for the ADI Design Index 2021. This is a decorative radiator in aluminum that evokes draped fabrics.


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