Moët Hennessy-uffici-sostenibili

The sustainable architecture of the new offices of Moët Hennessy

Barbarito Bancel Architects has designed the new offices of Moët Hennessy, the well-known champagne and spirits brand, in the heart of Paris

Moet Hennessy, the French company that produces some of the world’s most famous champagnes and spirits, such as Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon champagnes and Hennessy cognac, has recently inaugurated its new offices in the heart of Paris, designed by Barbarito Bancel Architects.

The new Moët Hennessy offices in the historic building of Le Bon Marchè

The new Moët Hennessy workspaces are located in Paris, at the corner of rue de Sèvres and rue du Bac, in the building of Le Bon March. As is well known, Le Bon Marchè is the first department store in the world, founded by Aristide Boucicaut in 1838. This historic building hosts stores of all kinds, selling everything from clothing to perfumery to gifts. On the ground floor is also the Grande Épicerie de Paris, a gourmet store that has been offering exclusive local and non-local products since 1923, often prepared on site by skilled pastry chefs, cooks, bakers and apprentices.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris: the pastry counter

Barbarito Bancel Architects’ project for Möet Hennessy

Barbarito Bancel Architects firm has designed Möet Hennessy’s new offices taking into account the company’s values and the great potential of the historic building in which they are located. Elegant and contemporary, the new offices promote the employees’ psychophysical well-being through human-centered spaces capable of communicating comfort and lightness. These inclusive and dynamic environments encourage personal growth and facilitate relationships between people.

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Moët Hennessy-uffici-sostenibili

The quality standards of sustainable offices

Working in a sustainable office means having the opportunity to work in a space with high quality standards, very close to those of a home. Now more than ever, in a world that is increasingly digitized, architects and designers are called on to create workspaces that can stimulate the senses, creativity and relationships between people. Comfortable environments and in connection with nature, able to positively influence the psychophysical well-being of people and consequently their way of working.

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Natural light as a raw material

In Möet Hennessy’s new offices, each room has large windows that flood the spaces with natural light and overlook either the cityscape or the central patio, which is full of greenery. The spaces are comfortable, bright and soundproofed, equipped with removable partitions and enriched with greenery. Shared spaces and those for individual use are balanced with each other. Parquet, carpets, chandeliers and signs enrich the rooms, furnished with care and elegance.

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