The new Camplus in Turin

Camplus: a new model of hospitality for students and travelers who are still students in spirit

In recent years, a new model of ‘mixed’ hospitality addressed to students, tourists, or business travelers looking for an essential yet comfortable accommodation has spread. The ‘campuses’ offering this mixed hospitality are generally located in redeveloped and easily accessible areas of cities. Camplus is one of them: a mixed campus, student housing and tourism project, located in several Italian cities, including Bologna, Catania, Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice.

Furniture is made in Italy or custom-made; poufs by Pedrali, sofas by Midj, chairs by Connubia

Camplus has recently opened a new residence in Turin’s Regio Parco district. The overall project of the building is by Picco Architetti, while lamatilde collaborated on the redesign of the common areas.

Common areas occupy more than 500 square meters, a large space that encourages meeting and relationships between guests. The distribution of functions and furnishings has been designed specifically to encourage the guests of the student housing facility to have cultural exchanges and to network.

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All areas are characterized by great flexibility; this allows for a more agile management of the spaces, depending on the needs and activities taking place. The common areas include a large shared table at the entrance, steps providing seating for educational or leisure activities, lounges for relaxation and study, and an area for guests’ convivial performances.

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Each space hosts one or more functions and stands out in the interior design thanks to the floor and colors. The graphic communication completes the interior design, together with custom or made in Italy furniture. [Ph: Fabio Oggero]

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