brookfield place sydney

Brookfield Place: a new architecture for Sydney

Make Architects has designed Brookfield Place in Sydney, a new urban architecture with new pedestrian ways to Wynyard Station

brookfield place sydney

In Sydney’s central business district, Make Architects has designed Brookfield Place, a new urban architecture that includes a 6-star office tower, two restored heritage buildings, and a new transit hall for Wynyard Station, the city’s largest underground train station, used by an average of 58,040 people per day, including tourists and commuters.

Brookfield Place houses 75,000 square meters of office space, bars, restaurants, commercial space of any kind; and a new pedestrian passageway that provides quick access to Carrington Street, Wynyard Station, Wynyard Park, and, on the opposite side, George Street.

The new pedestrian route designed by Make Architects speeds up and facilitates citizens’ travel. And, in addition to being functional, it is also well lit and furnished with convenient tables and comfortable seating.

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brookfield place-sydney

The Brookfield Place tower,  Sydney

The Brookfield Place tower is 133 meters high and the project has united four pre-existing separate buildings: the former Menzies Hotel, Thakral House, Shell House, and Beneficial House.

Inside are numerous commercial offices. The flat roof of the tower, used as a terrace, is enriched by 280 square meters of greenery. The façade, on the other hand, features glass panels defined by anodized aluminum fins for solar shading.

Architectures of the present merge with those of the past

The newly constructed tower of Brookfield Place merges with the adjacent Shell House: an old ten-story building that now houses the headquarters of several large companies, such as Brookfield Properties Asia Pacific and the National Bank of Australia. The building has undergone a conservative restoration. On the roof, the ancient 400-tonne clock tower has been preserved to symbolize the building’s historical character. On the roof, there are also two glazed pavilions that house a bar and a restaurant, decorated with over 3000 faience tiles.

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