Green parquet with a technological heart

Designer Gesa Hansen has created a collection of stained parquet floors for Bauwerk thanks to the oil-based finish

Although today there are many solvent-free coatings that are more environmentally friendly than they were 50 years ago, those who love to surround themselves with a healthier, more natural environment are increasingly appreciative of the oil-based finish for their parquet floor. Oil impregnates wood fibers while allowing the material to breathe, making the surface warmer and softer, and perfuming the environment. Oil treatment is generally carried out immediately after laying and should be repeated periodically to protect the parquet.

Bauwerk goes one step further and uses oil to stain parquet. With the Next technology, the True Colors Edition collection by interior designer Gesa Hansen uses multi-layer oiling to make the color deeper and enhance the beauty of the wood. Bauwerk’s True Colors collection uses Villapark planks, large-format planks processed without the use of chemicals.

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True Colors collection by Bauwerk, Lava shade

Technology lies at the heart of parquet design for Bauwerk

Bauwerk specializes in the production of pre-finished two-layer parquet flooring. Two-layer parquet is the natural evolution of solid wood; it is an eco-friendly solution that also makes the wooden floor very resistant. The first layer, in contact with concrete, absorbs humidity and temperature variations, while giving the floor more stability; it also protects it against the risk of buckling or cracking. The support on which the noble wood rests in Bauwerk’s floors is made of spruce or HDF, a high-tech substrate that has the advantage of low thickness. Thanks to this thin first layer, Bauwerk’s Villapark planks are particularly suitable for underfloor heating systems.

True Colors collection by Bauwerk, Roccia shade

The colors of nature for the True Colors collection, without chemical colorants

True Colors by Bauwerk uses Next, a technology that makes it possible to have floors with different color shades without using chemical colorants. Next employs multi-layered oiling, which gives depth to the color and further enhances the color nuances of slightly smoked Oak. A new dimension of the natural oil finish for parquet: the new True Colors Edition, by Gesa Hansen for Bauwerk, draws from nature four shades that enhance the texture of oak for impressive interior design. Gesa Hansen is a young German-Danish designer with roots in the history of authentic design: she graduated from the Bauhaus in Weimar and worked in Paris with Jean Nouvel. Since 2009, she has had her own collection, The Hansen Family, and has already won numerous awards as an emerging designer.

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True Colors collection by Bauwerk, Canneto shade

Gesa Hansen’s True Colors collection includes several shades ranging from reddish brown to gray. Earth, lava, canebrake, cloud, rock are the elements from which she drew inspiration for the new parquet collection. Terra expresses the warmth and shine of earthy surfaces, while Lava expresses the energy and power of heat, for floors with a strong personality.

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True Colors collection by Bauwerk, Terra shade

Canneto reflects the play of colors created by leaves swaying in the wind. Nuvola adds a shade of gray that expands the color range of the collection by complementing it with cooler nuances. Roccia, the latest color added to the collection, is a shade of gray that highlights oak grain as the authentic lines of force of the floor.

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True Colors collection by Bauwerk, Nuvola shade

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