AB Games-Kiev-Bolshakova-interiors

AB Games offices in Kyiv, by Bolshakova Interiors

In Kyiv, Bolshakova Interiors has designed the new creative offices of AB Games, the international game developer with offices all over the world

AB Games-Kiev-Bolshakova-interiors

In the historical center of Kyiv, on the tenth floor of a new building, Bolshakova Interiors has designed the new offices of AB Games, the international game development company, with offices all over the world.

Inspired by the energy and vitality of the young 160 employees, Bolshakova Interiors designed dynamic and stimulating individual and group work spaces for AB Games new Kyiv offices. Well-connected, versatile and functional rooms stimulate creativity and influence the psychophysical well-being of people.

AB Games-Kiev-Bolshakova-interiors

A black canvas and many colors

The new offices are spread over 2,800 square meters on one floor. Each room is like a black box, punctuated and animated with furnishings, finishes and details in vibrant colors, such as yellow, deep blue and red. The white walls, on the other hand, are like a blank canvas on which every employee can pin ideas and draw sketches.

The division of space and new ways of working

AB Games leaves its employees free to work where and when they want. Therefore, the new offices include not only meeting rooms and individual workstations, but also relaxation areas that can be used to work in alternative ways, including a canteen, a library, a bar, a kitchen and outdoor terraces.

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Details that make a difference

A red corridor with LED backlighting separates the common areas from the individual ones. Very popular with employees is doubtlessly DoubleWin, the all-day bar that serves great breakfasts, snacks during breaks, and cocktails in the evening for late time workers.

The Katleta kitchen is named after traditional Ukrainian meatballs and is isolated from the canteen to avoid the spread of odors during meal preparation. The library, on the other hand, houses a wide selection of comics and books, very useful for those looking for inspiration to create new stories or digital characters.

With its neutral color scheme, solid wood finishes, and minimalist atmosphere, the CEO’s room stands out from the rest. It is furnished with designer products such as a solid wood table by Bertolotto, a pendant lamp by Flos, armchairs by Poltrona Frau and special edition wallpaper by Hermes.

What is indispensable is invisible to the eye

Moreover, the office offers a range of functional systems that allow the employees to work at their best. For example, every meeting room is lined with soundproofing panels, while the open-plan area features transparent partitions. Lastly, the designers’ room is equipped with blackout curtains and a diffuse reflection lighting system that avoids shadows and color distortion while drawing.

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