A new hospitality concept in Florence

ETRA is a new hospitality concept for travelers looking for an exclusive experience

The ETRA hospitality concept is an innovation in the hospitality sector, offering the first proposal in the center of Florence. ETRA’s private suites are in unique and central locations with views of the area’s iconic beauties. The first ETRA suites are in Florence, in an Art Nouveau building overlooking the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Dating back to 1903, Palazzo Paggi Tainti preserves the beauty of its original Art Nouveau features, including Cantagalli ceramic tiles and iron decorations by Officine Michelucci. Today, it represents one of the rare examples of Art Nouveau building in the center of Florence.

The living room, with upholstered furniture by De Padova

The project is by Florence-based architectural firm AMDB-Architetti (founded by Daniela Bianchi and Alessandro Marcattilj), in charge with all renovation phases. Architect Daniela Bianchi explains: “The residence, of about 300 square meters, occupies the main floor of the building. Over the years, the house had undergone a series of interventions that had left very little of the original decorations. When we started our project, the apartment was arranged on a longitudinal plan on two opposite sides; on the front of Via dei Pecori, there was a large empty room; on the opposite side, there were the three remaining rooms of the original plant. Our project interpreted the existing environments creating flexible spaces; the flexibility of the plan allows the residences to spread over one or two units.”

K6 kitchen by Boffi, designed by Norbert Wangen

Technology for absolute comfort

The main living area, which houses the Boffi kitchen monobloc, is separated from the master suite by a glass wall that conceals a double-sided storage unit covered in burnished brass and fabric. A blade of light in the false ceiling illuminates the spaces and emphasizes the continuity of the space, connecting the fireplace in the living area to the canopy in the bedroom. The same theme is repeated in the main bathroom. On the opposite side, the pre-existing rooms have been maintained with aesthetic and functional changes and reinterpreting some of the decorative features of the time of construction.


Technology is one of the elements that characterize the renovation thanks to the automated management of engineering systems and lighting. Designed by Norbert Wangen, the K6 kitchen by Boffi is hidden by a sliding top that, when necessary, doubles as a counter. Even the hood, inserted in the floor, is perfectly invisible. The lighting in some of the bathrooms is regulated by Coelux artificial skylights, which mimic sunlight simulating the passing of the hours of the day. The cooling and heating systems are optimized for maximum energy efficiency and hidden from view.

Discover the new version of the Xila kitchen by Boffi

ETRA Suite Florence: elegant contemporary environments

All of the environments are characterized by a contemporary elegance expressed through precious materials such as wood, marble, bronze, brass, crystal, velvets, rich and comfortable fabrics. The warm colors range from burnished oak to beige and taupe. On the floors, brushed oak with a burnt effect, laid with a large French chevron pattern, lends a contemporary look. The same material has been used for custom wood furnishings. Dark brown Saint Laurent marble with very evident veining is alternated with a particular cement/resin with a matte surface that has a soft and velvety feel. Everything in this apartment speaks of luxury and design aimed at total comfort. The goal is to offer guests an exclusive experience that involves all five senses; even the sense of smell is involved, thanks to a special essence diffused by diffusers in all rooms.

The furnishings of the ETRA suite in Florence are largely custom-made, with the exception of some contemporary design pieces made in Italy, predominantly by Boffi | De Padova. In addition to the kitchen, the upholstered furniture in the living room is by De Padova; the lamps are by Flos, Fontana Arte, Vistosi, Foscarini.

Finishes and furnishings are consistent with ETRA’s exclusive hospitality project, which does not limit itself to welcoming guests in its residence. ETRA also organizes the journey, not only to and from Florence, but to various destinations in Italy, and on request even by private jet. During the stay, there will be a Michelin-starred chef for cooking demonstrations and you will find anything else that can help make the experience unique and unforgettable.

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