Circular economy: sustainable panels by Paneco

Paneco is the new Japanese brand founded by Kazuhiro Hara that produces sustainable panels from recycled clothes


Every year, the clothing industry produces 13 million tons of waste, of which about 1.2 million are produced in Japan alone. Normally, waste clothing is disposed of through a combustion process that emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which are seriously harmful to the health of the planet. For this reason, many companies and industries in the sector have decided to adopt new behavioral norms to protect the Earth and its precious resources. Among these green companies there is also Paneco, the new Japanese brand founded by Kazuhiro Hara, which makes sustainable panels from recycled clothes.

When sustainability meets innovation

Paneco collects discarded clothing and textile waste, including leather and carbon fiber, and transforms them into decorative panels with multiple uses. It strips the garments of all superfluous components (zippers, buttons, decorative elements), then crushes and grinds them. Once processed, the material is ready for the final transformation. And through a sophisticated system of presses it produces Paneco panels, which in turn are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

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Paneco sustainable panels: versatile and multifunctional

Paneco panels are versatile and multifunctional. They can be used to meet any type of use or furnishing requirement. From cladding to product design, Paneco panels can be transformed into countless design solutions with low environmental impact, such as poufs, shelving systems, partitions, tables, seats, cabinets and much more. Moreover, each Paneco panel has unique irregularities, characterized by an elegant stone effect that recalls the beauty of granite.

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