Milan Design Week 2022: Isola Design Festival

In 2022 Isola Design Festival returns to the Isola Design District

Isola Design Festival returns with the sixth edition from 7 to 12 June 2022, as part of the Milan Design Week. The theme of the 2022 edition is “Together As One”, which stimulates the exchange of designers and projects, ideas and knowledge, between exhibitors and visitors. Today, in fact, designers, manufacturers, architects, consumers and all stakeholders in the industry must work together to design a new, more sustainable and innovative future. Isola Design District will welcome more than 250 international designers and design studios, in addition to local galleries and artisans. In total, there will be about 40 points of interest, in one of the liveliest districts of Milan.

Isola Design Festival: Stecca3

No Space for Waste is the theme of all the initiatives held at Stecca3, one of the district’s main hubs. No Space for Waste is also the name of the main exhibition, focused on design products and furniture that minimize their environmental impact or are made with industrial waste. The exhibition’s sponsor is Heura, a fast-growing plant-based meat producer. The exhibition, held on the second floor of the venue overlooking the Biblioteca degli Alberi, features Riccardo Cenedella, Karma Design, Macarena Torres Puga Studio, Muhammad Shareef, Yaroslava Galayko, Better Weather, The Minimono Project, Lyla Design, Nicole Chrysikou, Amalia Puga, Boutures, Duplex Studio, Austeja Platukyte, Anga Paris, Tobia Zambotti, Senzaquadro, Zavier Wong Zhen Zui, Irene Roca Moracia, Camille Calvo.

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isola design fuorisalone 2022
The Minimono Project, at the exhibition No Space for West

On the ground floor, DesignWanted, _sucks and Caracol present Robot Shit Exhibit, the first exhibition enhancing 3D printing waste. Outdoors, in the area near the Biblioteca degli Alberi, there will be a lounge area curated by Supernovas, a brand that transforms waste materials into design products. In the small square overlooking via De Castillia, visitors will find the Smile rocking chairs, designed by Pietro Bonu and produced by Caracol for Vivident.

Higlights at Milan Design Week 2022

isola design fuorisalone 2022
Robot Shit Exhibit

Vita Lenta

Vita Lenta is a project commissioned to Finemateria by Isola Design Group, carried out in collaboration with Regione Lombardia. It is a sensory installation inspired by the Japanese house, hosting 16 international designers. The projects are linked by a slow creative process; losing track of time is the central theme of the installation: from the selection of the projects on display to the way we record information. The participating designers and studios are Cara Davide, Lorenzo Mason, Ryota Akiyama, Sohma Furutate, Yosuke Matsushita, Kodai Iwamoto, Johanna Seelemann, Multistandard, Collin Velkoff, Juliette Berthnonneau, Tamako Yamada, Héloïse Piraud, Hannah Segerkrantz, Plasticiet.

isola design fuorisalone 2022
Detail by Yosuke Matsushita for the Vita Lenta project by Finemateria

Isola Design Gallery

This year Isola Design Gallery will be held at via Pastrengo 14, in a modern and eclectic loft obtained from a 400 sqm former workshop in the heart of the Isola Design District. The exhibition celebrates contemporary design with unique, handcrafted pieces by independent designers and studios from the Isola Design Community.

Higlights at Milan Design Week 2022

isola design fuorisalone 2022
Kaoi, Isola Design Gallery

On the other hand, Rising Talents is an exhibition held in an industrial loft at Via Farini 35, dedicated to students, recent graduates and emerging designers from the best international schools, who are about to enter the world of design as professionals.

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Kimberly Leijen, from Dutch Graduation Week to Rising Talents

International brands at Isola Design Festival 2022

Among the studios and brands from abroad, we can mention the award-winning creative studio Masquespacio. The firm presents Mas Creations Collections, at via Confalonieri 11, an immersive installation that aims to start the debate on the boundaries between art and design. The Valencian duo explores the contrast between colors, materials and shapes, inviting visitors to reflect on how everyday materials can be reinterpreted to take on new meaning.

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Mas Creations Collection by Masquespacio

Architecture studio UNSTUDIO, based in Amsterdam but with offices all over the world, will present Future Perfect at via Cola Montano 13. The project, developed in collaboration with Kvadrat, Object Carpet, Foundation Fashion Research Italy, Cesare Roversi and YAC Academy, features obsolete products giving them a new aesthetic and ethical meaning.

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Future Perfect project by UNSTUDIO

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