Wallover by Caccaro: storing sculptures

Caccaro presents Wallover, the storage system that designs the walls of the house

Sensoriality, rhythm, light and self-expression are the principles that Caccaro wants to pursue to develop innovative design systems unrelated to passing fads, which allow you to “dress” the house like a tailor-made suit, without sacrificing practicality and functionality.

The innovative Wallover System, the only design furnishing system at the 2021 edition of Architect@Work Milan, interprets and enriches the domestic walls, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom, transforming them into “storing artworks” with an architectural touch.

The Pillars, special modules that make up the System, are vertical storage units, designed to the millimeter – from 600 mm to 2,880 mm in height, from 300 mm to 600 mm in width, from 255 mm to 455 mm in depth – that interact with the surrounding environment. For instance, they can cover existing columns, become independent storage elements or elegant single or double-sided room dividers. The particular structure of these modules also makes them particularly suitable for hiding technical elements of the systems.

Shaped to enhance the personality of the walls that host them, the Pillars embellish the environment thanks to the Kera finishes, – 4mm thick ceramic slabs that can be applied on all four sides and recall the textures of natural stone –lacquered finishes or the refined internal glass accessories. The role of functional and atmospheric lighting is crucial: from the LEDs embedded in the side to the luminous backs finished at 45° in the case of wall suspension.

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Wallover: a system that respects the environment

Besides being an innovative made-to-measure furniture system, Wallover complies with the highest quality and environmental standards: all wood particle board panels are CARB2 certified, compliant with an extremely demanding standard that reduces formaldehyde content to a minimum, to protect the consumers and the employees. The just-in-time organization guarantees the use of production materials only when they receive an order and the computerized optimization of cutting procedures minimizes material waste. Moreover, the packaging of the most voluminous elements is entirely in cardboard.

Since 2002, Caccaro has been using only water-based coatings, eliminating almost completely the use of chemical solvents.

Thanks to extensive industrial thinking, supported by modern Industry 4.0 technologies, the finishes of Freedhome and Wallover are fully compatible. Wallover and Freedhome systems are registered trademarks of Caccaro.

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