Technology in the kitchen according to Frigo 2000

Frigo 2000: better storage and cooking for healthier foods

“High performance kitchen” is the payoff of Frigo 2000, a home appliance manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. Technology is an invaluable aid in the kitchen, especially if we are short of time and always in a hurry. With the right tools for food storage and regeneration, you can cook in your downtime and regenerate food when you need it, just in few minutes. Knowing how to store food properly is a step forward in sustainability and savings.

Built-in blast chiller and oven with platinum mirror glass door in V-Zug finish

With Frigo 2000 technology for storage, you can buy foods in season and consume them when you want, even after a long time. This is made possible by properly using the blast chiller to freeze without forming macrocrystals, thus without altering the nutritional properties of foods. With the blast chiller, in fact, it is possible to freeze, thaw, rise, dry, chill bottles, and bake at low temperature.

Oven and bottle cooler

Vacuum sealing is another technology that can help avoid wasting food. Vacuum-packed food does not suffer any contamination and the oxidation process caused by oxygen is slowed down. Ingredients’ shelf-life is greatly extended and allows for better kitchen management. Moreover, thanks to frozen and vacuum-sealed storage, you can organize dinners with guests even at the last minute: prepare food in advance, store it properly, and regenerate it when needed.

Discover Frigo 2000 at Eurocucina 2018

The blast chiller makes it possible to freeze and regenerate food

Cooking methods to preserve aromas and flavors

Finally, cooking. When food is preserved in the best possible way, it retains flavors and aromas, which perfect cooking can further enhance. The Frigo 2000 combi-steam oven with steam control enables cooking to degree and vacuisine (sous-vide). LTC (low temperature cooking) for meat calculates oven temperature and guides you step by step in choosing the core probe temperature, depending on the type and cut of meat; with these cooking methods, you can obtain softer meat, retain vitamin B12, and eliminate weight loss during cooking.

Frozen and perfectly regenerated chocolate obtained with the Frigo 2000 blast chiller

Frigo 2000 technology also includes ovens, where the patented combination of hot air with steam causes starches to open and the heating element on the fan automatically caramelizes sugars, thanks to the presence of sensors that measure the moisture emitted by food. There are also several special functions dedicated to leavening, baking, and more. You don’t need to be an expert: with the ovens’ touch screen, all you have to do to have perfect lunches is choose the program.

Easy and intuitive touch screen interface

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