Extraction technology according to Falmec

At Eurocucina 2022, Falmec previewed Elements, a new collection that revolutionizes the concept of extraction

The new hood collection by Falmec includes three different extraction solutions for different needs and interior design styles. Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall are three modular systems that “hide” the technology inside and integrate seamlessly into the interior design project.

Discover everything about Falmec Elements, the collection that revolutionizes the concept of extraction

falmec tecnologie aspirazione
Monolith hood by Falmec

Monolith, l’aspirazione sul piano di lavoro

The Monolith module rests on the countertop and includes a 90 cm hood accompanied by 30, 60, and 90 cm storage units. The result is a convenient equipped compartment that can accommodate all kitchen utensils or electrical outlets.

falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Monolith’s suction module opens slightly to draw in fumes and control operation and lighting. Its structure is made of matte black aluminum with a polished glass front and pleasant ambient lighting.

falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Shelf, the fume extracting shelf

Shelf, on the other hand, is a real shelf incorporating the extremely thin suction body into a thickness of only 10 cm thanks to the exclusive Multi-Air technology. A removable vane makes it possible to increase suction efficiency. The “hood” element is joined by 60 and 90 cm extra modules that can be positioned to the right or left. The structure is made of black painted steel, with a black satin aluminum profile surrounding its front and sides.

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falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Integrated into the bottom of the structure is an LED strip that illuminates the countertop along the entire length of the shelf. Lastly, Shelf can also be equipped with additional accessories to hold spice racks or other kitchen utensils.

Air Wall, the multifunctional magnetic backsplash

Finally, for unconventional interior design, Air Wall by Falmec is a backsplash that integrates the extraction function. The backsplash has a white backlit tempered glass panel equipped with a magnetic system allowing functional accessories such as tablet holders, spice racks, and small shelves to be freely placed on its surface. Extraction takes place by means of a flap, which is opened manually, allowing for both suction and operation control.

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The project is the result of a collaboration between Falmec and Magnetolab, Umbria-based company specializing in kitchen backsplashes. Air Wall will be available with a 120 cm module with central extraction or a 150 cm module with off-center extraction to the right or left.

Discover everything about Falmec Elements, the collection that revolutionizes the concept of extraction

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