Signature Kitchen Suite presents the undercounter appliances

For those who love well-equipped kitchens but have limited space, Signature Kitchen Suite has designed two innovations: the undercounter refrigerator and wine refrigerator

The undercounter refrigerator and wine refrigerator make for high-performance appliances, even if you have little kitchen space. In addition to excellent quality, Signature Kitchen Suite undercounter appliances have a contemporary aesthetic that fits easily into a variety of interior design styles.

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elettrodomestici sottopiano signature kitchen suite

Like all Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, the undercounter refrigerator and wine refrigerator are Wi-Fi ready and can be connected to the home network to control operation even remotely. The Smart Diagnosis system, which works via the Signature Kitchen Suite App, allows you to check for proper operation by simply bringing your smartphone close to the appliances.

Undercounter convertible refrigerator

Signature Kitchen Suite’s undercounter convertible refrigerator has two convertible drawers that can be set to six temperature levels. Versatile and flexible, depending on the temperature chosen, the undercounter refrigerator can serve as a pantry, refrigerator or freezer. The stainless-steel interior combines aesthetics and functionality, helps minimize temperature variations, and ensures maximum surface hygiene.

elettrodomestici sottopiano signature kitchen suite

The Inverter Linear Compressor is particularly quiet (34.6 dBA) and offers 60% energy savings over conventional motors. It employs HFC / HCFC-free refrigerant, and is built with recyclable material, even in the insulation system. With a capacity of 96 liters, the undercounter refrigerator measures W 602 x H 853 x D 590 mm.

elettrodomestici sottopiano signature kitchen suite

Undercounter wine refrigerator

Signature Kitchen Suite’s undercounter wine refrigerator is designed to store wine in the best conditions. The Wine Cave Technology ensures maximum protection from elements that could alter wine, such as light, vibration, or changes in temperature and humidity.

The undercounter wine cellar has a capacity of 41 bottles and is divided into two compartments whose temperature and humidity can be separately adjusted; each zone has a dedicated evaporator and a stainless-steel dividing barrier. The 4 wooden shelves, made of natural beech, offer a nice tactile sensation and help eliminate odors and substances that can alter the properties of wine. They also act as a natural regulator of internal temperature and humidity. The drawer runners slide smoothly to keep vibrations to a minimum.

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