Delta Light presents the new Lighting Bible

New technologies and new products focused on visual and environmental comfort in the new catalog by Delta Light

The Lighting Bible 14, the catalog of Belgian company Delta Light for 2021, features cutting-edge technologies and design solutions for light that improve people’s wellbeing,

For the new collection, Delta Light has focused on visual comfort taking advantage of the results of its Research and Development Department: the use of the latest technologies, glare reduction, the use of sensors and IOT elements characterize the new products, making it possible to create traditional and smart lighting systems.

Nime: precision lighting by Dean Skira

The highlight of the new collection is doubtlessly Nime, an extremely small recessed lamp. Designed by Dean Skira, Nime is completely concealed in the ceiling, revealing itself only through a 10 mm opening. In spite of its size, it is equipped with cutting-edge optics that allow you to focus the beam of light and to adjust its rotation and inclination, without glare.

Discover Soliscape, the new lighting system that is also sound-absorbing, designed by UNStudio 

The very small Nime recessed lamp

Haloscan and Multinova: minimal design and visual comfort

Haloscan uses a sophisticated plane lens that allows for 4 different light beams and a very harmonious light distribution. Delta Light’s patented Ex-Centric Rotation System combines rotating and tilting properties in a single movement, for smooth turning and tilting.

Shaped like a luminous disc, Multinova is only 69 millimeters thick and is particularly suitable for residential and hospitality projects. Available as a recessed lamp, for magnetic profiles, or in the pendant version, classic or with rigid tiges, it is adjustable up to 90° to illuminate vertical surfaces.

Haloscan and Multinova

Artuur: beauty and versatility

Limited dimensions characterize also Artuur, a range of circular or rectangular downlights featuring sloping edges towards the center. Another distinctive element of Artuur is the convex lens, which becomes a design element, hiding a technology with a deeply placed LED source. Artuur combines a pleasant diffused light with a wall washing effect, made uniform by a secondary LED that illuminates vertical surfaces.

Artuur by Delta Light

Spy: a reinvented icon

The Spy family of lamps has been redesigned to meet multiple lighting needs in residential and commercial environments. The new fixtures have diameters of 27, 39, 52, 66 and 90 millimeters, and a range of spotlights to fit any purpose, including outdoor use. Hybrid optics, improved LED color consistency and new control possibilities with Tunable White and Soft Dim make the new Spy family a technological and aesthetic reference.

The revamped Spy family welcomes Spy 39 W, an outdoor wall lamp with a minimalist design. Spy 39 W’s tapered cylinder can be positioned either upwards or downwards.

Discover Soliscape, the new lighting system that is also sound-absorbing, designed by UNStudio 

Spy lighting family

Lastly, the new Delta Light collection includes the Zoover pendant lamp, characterized by a large felt dome housing a luminous disc capable of producing a beautiful diffused light, and the unique Uho fixtures, with their sophisticated look and small size.

Zoover pendant lamp

The new Delta Light collection will be on display in Delta Light showroom in Milan from April

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