World Architectour Africa 2023: Italian design out to conquer Africa

The third edition of World Architectour Africa, the B2B show promoting Italian design excellence in Africa, will be held on July 6-7, 2023

World Architectour Africa 2023

The press conference presenting the World Architectour Africa 2023 project was held recently. The B2B fair, organized by Padova Hall, with the support of Medinit, promotes Italian design to create a synergistic network of exchanges between our country and Africa.

Italian design towards new horizons

At the press conference presenting World Architectour Africa 2023, along with Padova Hall and Medinit, there were also Agenzia ICE/ITA (Italian Trade Agency), Studio Roncucci&Partners and Banca Generali. The different business groups had the opportunity to exchange views and analyze the current economic, cultural and social profile of African countries.

The data showed a growth of the middle class throughout Africa. A niche segment that is increasingly inclined to imitate Western housing models and purchase Made in Italy furniture. Therefore, the rapid urbanization and fast economic and demographic growth of the continent represent a new business opportunity for Italian companies that want to internationalize their brands and reach new market horizons.

World Architectour Africa 2023
Marco Valsecchi (General Manager of Padova Hall), Chafik Cherqaoui (Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco), Francesco Bresolin (CEO of Medenit)

How to and why do business in Africa

During the World Architectour Africa 2023 press conference, the most appropriate strategies and modes of interaction to successfully break into a dynamic and growing market were explained.

Maria Maddalena Del Grosso, ICE Consumer Goods Office Manager explained, “Africa is an area that is growing a lot. It is important to eradicate the prejudice that in Africa there are only very poor places without strong entrepreneurial classes. In fact, every African state is different; therefore, having stable local networks is crucial to understanding their internal dynamics, especially in these stages of full development.”

“[…]B2B meeting moments, preparing companies to deal with the dynamics of the African market and its customs, certainly make new possibilities for business interaction more valuable and successful. Following the trend and investing in this market is definitely an opportunity to be seized,” concludes Stella Occhialini, Roncucci& Partners.

Discover contemporary Africa with an exhibition in Milan

Marco Valsecchi, Natascia Ronchetti, Maria Maddalena Del Grosso

World Architectour Africa 2023: why participate

The B2B fair World Architectour Africa 2023 was created with the aim of connecting architects, designers and furniture companies with African entrepreneurs interested in Italian design excellence. During the conference, Medenit CEO Francesco Bresolin provided some significant data testifying to the growth of this event.

“The first edition of World Architectour Africa saw the participation of about 60 companies and more than 70 buyers from 13 African countries. With the second edition, the exhibition space was expanded by more than 20 percent. By 2023, we aim to grow further by at least another 20 percent.”

World Architectour Africa invites Italian companies to showcase the quality of their products in a completely new cultural context. The fair is aimed at an extremely targeted group of buyers, interlocutors interested in dynamic and concrete commercial negotiations.


world architectour africa 2023

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