Sustano: the recyclable shower tray in DuraSolid Nature

Duravit presents Sustano, the completely recyclable shower tray in DuraSolid Nature

Sustano is the shower tray made by Duravit from DuraSolid Nature, and is 100% recyclable. DuraSolid Nature is a material composed of minerals, thus natural, and 100% recyclable. Surface hardness and robustness are a guarantee of long life and resistance to accidental damage and dirt. Moreover, the surface has a soft texture and is easy to clean. In matte colors the surface is slightly velvety, while in glossy variants it is perfectly smooth.

piatto doccia durasolid nature

DuraSolid Nature is only 30 mm thick; the composition of the material allows for shower trays with a low weight compared to traditional acrylic shower trays. The material is easy to cut and can therefore be easily adapted to project sizes, shortening the tray by up to 100 mm per side. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be installed flush with floors, partially recessed, or resting on the finished floor. The surface of matte finishes also has a C rating for slip resistance, without the need to add any finish.

piatto doccia durasolid nature

DuraSolid Nature, 100% recyclable

DuraSolid Nature consists of polyurethane combined with marble powder and a gelcoat surface. To manufacture shower trays from this material, Duravit commissioned a new production plant so that all shower trays could be made in-house. A casting process enables precise forms with the lowest tolerances.

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piatto doccia durasolid nature

At the end of their service life, in accordance with the life-cycle principle, DuraSolid Nature products can be returned to Duravit or taken to a local recycling depot. Many recycling depots are already prepared to recycle this type of material. After being separated into its components, it can be reused to produce new shower trays or used in the industrial sector, in the production of turning pivots, for example.

Sustano shower trays in DuraSolid Nature come in five matte colors – Matte White, Matte Cream, Matte Light Grey, Matte Greige, Matte Dark Grey – and Glossy White.

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