Pluriball, a new collection from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica

Iris Ceramica expertise and Diesel Living fashion research team up to create Pluriball, the new collection in Semigres

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is the brand of the ceramic wall tiles designed by Diesel Living and made by Iris Ceramica. Established between 2015 and 2016, the brand stands out for its contemporary, cutting-edge living solutions. The partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living creates floor and wall covering materials inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world; different and contrasting patterns such as cementitious or visually delicate surfaces create striking decors.

pluriball diesel iris ceramica

The latest result of this collaboration is Pluriball, the new Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collection. Inspired by bubble wrap, as the name clearly states, Pluriball is a collection of Semigres wall ceramics. Semigres, a monoculture red-body ceramic, is perfect for wall tiles and allows the contemporary spirit of Pluriball to be fully expressed.

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pluriball diesel iris ceramica

Pluriball’s 3D graphics have a bold and very dramatic textural effect. The two decors that emphasize the glamorous allure of Pluriball are Gold and Platinum. The Gold version comes in the Lilac and Deep Pink colors, while the Platinum is available in White, Blue, Cobalt and Black. Tiles come in the 20×20 cm size, with a thickness of 8.5 mm.

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