Novacolor presents Color Trends 2023

Novacolor presents Cozy life, Nomadism and Fluid positivity, the Color Trends for 2023

Novacolor - Color Trends 2023

Choosing the best way to live mindfully has become a mantra. Building the atmosphere in which we can live in harmony with our self has become a goal for many people. Based on these reflections, Novacolor, together with architect Barbara Sansonetti, announced the Color Trends for 2023: Cozy Life, Nomadism and Fluid positivity. Three color worlds related to three different lifestyles.

Color Trends 2023: a color for each lifestyle

The Cozy Life style is a world of soft, reassuring pastel colors that envelop us and make us feel protected in our safe and comfortable home environment. The Cozy life palette includes Inspiring Mauve (MM277), Breathing Blue (MM276), Cozy Greige (MM275), Relaxing Sage (MM278).

Cozy Life. Color Trends 2023 by Novacolor

On the other hand, the colors selected for Nomadism have the strength and energy of those who seek change but have respect for the traditions, history and culture of each people. People who love the Nomadism variant are ready to change and revise their positions with courage and awareness. Nomadism includes Joy Yellow (MM279), Courage Red (MM281), Active Blue (MM280), Balance Green (MM282). 

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novacolor-color trends 2023
Nomadism. Color Trends 2023 by Novacolor

Lastly, Fluid Positivity color selection represents the mood of those who want to have no limits. People who dare and explore new worlds without being afraid to go beyond the boundaries of custom belong to this lifestyle. Fluid positivity includes Positive Thoughts (MM283), Virtual Touch (MM285), Fluid Reality (MM284), Open Mind (MM286).

novacolor- trends color 2023
Fluid Positivity. Color Trends 2023 by Novacolor

Novacolor presents Daydreaming, the color of the year 2023

Moreover, Novacolor declares Daydreaming as color of the year 2023. Inspired by ‘Ajna’, the sixth chakra known as the third eye, Daydreaming breaks free in intense and deep nuances releasing all the energy associated to perception, wisdom, intuition.

Daydreaming: color of the year 2023

Daydreaming and Color Trends 2023 were exclusively presented on December 13 at the Museum of Dreamers in Milan during the Dream in Colors event. On that occasion, the audience had the opportunity to learn more about Color Trends 2023 by talking with Novacolor experts.

Sustainability and innovation were also discussed during the meeting: the Color Trends 2023 are part of MATmotion, a Novacolor line of highly sustainable and high-quality water-based paints, matte glazes and “eggshell” (a very durable, high-performance matte finish with a stunning effect).

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MATmotion: high-quality and made in Italy colors

MATmotion is a line of professional flat paints with an ultra-matte or eggshell finish. With low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during application, free of formaldehyde and added plasticizers, MATmotion paints allow for rapid reuse of tinted rooms with an eye on sustainability. MATmotion Supreme Matt, MATmotion Supreme Eggshell, MATmotion Extra Eggshell and MATmotion Extra Matt have a Biomass Balance approach as evidenced by the REDcert² certification, certifying the use of sustainable raw materials in production. They have also obtained the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, the best guarantee that the products meet the low VOC emission requirements of the market, offering excellent indoor air quality.

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