Linea Light Group and the new frontier of fitness

Linea Light Group illuminates the spaces of the new John Reed fitness center, designed by RSG Group in a historic building in Trieste

Linea Light Group

In Trieste, in a historic building dating back to the 1930s, RSG Group designed the new John Reed fitness center, a space that combines physical training, music and art. Linea Light Group was entrusted with the lighting design and proposed fixtures capable of ensuring high performance with low energy consumption, thanks to the LED technology of which the Treviso-based company is a pioneer.

John Reed Fitness Music Club: the new frontier of fitness

The RSG Group design firm created the architectural and interior design concept for the new fitness center preserving the building’s finishes and historical details. The precious original features – such as the marble of the walls, the wooden floors, and the spiral staircase – have been combined with the works of sixteen international artists established on the national and international Urban Art scene.

Linea Light Group

This complete makeover has brought the old bank premises back to life. For example, the vault in the basement has been converted into a weight room, whilst the counters at the entrance built from blocks of stalagmite have been converted into a reception area and bistro. Moreover, the first floor, characterized by the original wooden floors, houses the fitness training room and the basic room. Laslty, the second floor hosts the sauna and changing rooms.

The lighting design by Linea Light Group

Linea Light Group illuminates the spaces of the John Reed Fitness Music Club with Mini-Tube fixtures, LV54 downlights, Ribbon Hi-Flux led strips, the Optus EX spotlight, and other models. At the entrance, the Mini-Tube linear luminaires were used to replace the old neon tubes inside the wall and ceiling.

Linea Light Group

The LV54 downlights are recessed into the false ceiling, while the Ribbon Hi-Flux LED strips illuminate the groove of the stone counters. On the other hand, the Optus_EX spotlight illuminates the artwork displayed behind the counters.

The ground floor also hosts the room used for fitness classes; its ceiling features Linea Light Group’s dimmable Ribbon LED strip, which is able to reproduce natural light. As a result, the final effect is that of an environment whose light follows the course of the day, with a circadian pattern that is well suited to the type of training offered.

The original marble helical staircase connecting the ground floor to the different floors has been skillfully enhanced thanks to the Tu_V pendant lamps. The vertical tubes in the standard version descend from above at different heights within a circular structure made with golden chains. This creates a very dramatic lighting effect and gives the whole room an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Lastly, descending into the basement to access the weight room is the Tour_PI pendant light. Installed on the ceiling with four circles, this model creates a lighting column with a delightful effect.

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