Caccaro: a new System is born

New finishes and new modules for Freedhome, the Caccaro System for storing objects and designing walls

Freedhome, the revolutionary wall System designed and patented by Caccaro, returns in 2023 with several new features. Thanks to the integration with the new Architype System, Caccaro transforms walls into multifunctional architecture for fluid and perfectly integrated environments. A harmonious whole, “made-to-measure” like a sartorial suit, reflecting the personality and needs of those who live in that space.

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Freedhome overcomes the old concept of a closet. Thanks to their modular elements, Caccaro Systems allow for the best use of the wall’s storage function; at the same time, thanks to the wide variety of materials and finishes, they seamlessly blend into different interior design styles. Morever, Freedhome, combined with Wallover and the new Architype system, becomes a multifunctional wall that separates and organizes spaces. Each element offers different hidden functionalities: accessories, dividing elements, niches, and lighting elements that create light settings.

Architype offers design freedom for maximum customization

Monica Graffeo, art director of Caccaro, worked with the company’s R&D department to design all the innovations that turn Caccaro Systems into design elements and offer designers and architects total freedom to customize any home environment, with endless solutions. Even light, thanks to integrated lighting, becomes a protagonist and transforms the domestic space into pure emotion.

Discover the “storing sculptures” of the Wallover system

Sustainable finishes

Caccaro’s finishes range from the exclusive Eucalyptus, Oak and Walnut continuous vein finishes, to Kera finishes, which mimic natural stone, to Oxid finishes, characterized by a dynamic metallic cloud effect.

Caccaro Systems are also eco-friendly. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the water-based paints used by the company ensure healthier home environments.

What’s new in Freedhome 2023

For 2023, Caccaro has developed several new features for the Freedhome System. A new concept of niche, either blind or open, that spans the entire width of the module. Covered in the most precious finishes, it opens a deep perspective view, framed like a picture, of the rooms on the other side of the cabinet. In the sides of the niche it is possible to install recessed adjustable LEDs, which transform the module into a beautiful and functional display case.

The Freedhome wall unit becomes double-sided. The storage System, combined with Architype, creates a uniform, continuous surface. The back of each module binds to the System and is transformed into a functional wall.

Moving on to the finishes, Caccaro has updated the lacquer palette offering further customization options. Kera comes with new variants to express all the strength of stone; finally, a new finish is born, entirely “made in Caccaro”, that dialogues with Essences and natural wood.

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