Connect, the new bioclimatic pergola by Pratic

Connect, the new bioclimatic pergola by Pratic, has mirrored surfaces and cutting-edge technology


Pratic, Italian leader in the outdoor sector, presents Connect, the new bioclimatic pergola that revolutionizes open-air architecture.

Connect, the mirrored pergola by Pratic

Connect has been designed with a highly innovative spirit in a revolutionary historical moment, applying design to the new need of living and working in versatile and protected outdoor spaces. With Connect, the landscape is the co-protagonist: it is constantly reflected on the mirrored surfaces of the pergola, making it literally merge with the surroundings.

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The mirrored structure is the distinctive feature of the new bioclimatic pergola by Pratic: for the first time Spy Glass glazed walls are used in the design of pergolas, transforming their exterior into polygons reproducing the shapes, colors and movements unfolding during the day. Inside, on the other hand, the pleasure of a private space surrounded by nature – which cannot be seen from the outside, making it suitable for versatile uses that rewrite the rules of lifestyle forever – dominates.

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Pratic and next-generation pergolas

There is also a connection with comfort and technological innovation, which distinguish Connect’s home automation system. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, every automation – from lighting to the movement of sunshade blades and vertical awnings – can be voice-controlled. An evolution that makes it even easier to create your own personal climate comfort and combines with special weather sensors that close the blades in case of rain, snow or strong wind.

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Designed in the year of Pratic’s 60th anniversary, Connect brings the extraordinary design qualities of the Friuli-based company towards a new concept of outdoor spaces. Refined aesthetics, sustainable production and materials, bioclimatic comfort and maximum customization meet an advanced structure that definitively blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space, placing the individual at the center of nature, thanks to design and technology.

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