10 years of success for Camerino by Caccaro

Camerino by Caccaro celebrates ten years of success with its stylistic innovations and design flexibility

Camerino Caccaro wardrobe
Camerino has always been completely self-supporting and well-finished on all sides, perfect for being placed in the center of the room

For ten years now, Camerino has been the deepest module in the Caccaro family. A walk-in closet that is as capacious as a room and self-supporting to be placed anywhere, even in the middle of an open-plan space. Camerino is a really innovative piece of furniture: its patented U-shaped structure meets the exclusive Total opening system. The result is a free-standing walk-in closet into which one can enter without the need for masonry works or custom-made doors.

Camerino by Caccaro: a story started in 2013

Camerino Dressing Box was born in 2013 as the result of collaboration between the company’s R&D department and designer Sandi Renko. A project that stemmed from the idea of redesigning the Cabina linear module into a U-shaped module, squeezing its storage space into a smaller width but with a greater depth. A solution designed to overcome the weaknesses of traditional wardrobes by eliminating the encumbrance of the hinged door, the limitations of opening the sliding door and, above all, the need for masonry work.

Camerino was born in 2013: patented U-shaped structure, full-opening doors and greater depth for greater capacity

Starting with Camerino Dressing Box, therefore, a new way of making furniture was born, in which technology and innovation work synergistically with the multifunctionality of Caccaro products. As the wardrobe is well-finished on its sides and back, it can be placed not only in the niche or next to the wall, but also at the center of the room.

Modularity and the Freedhome System

Camerino went through a new development phase in 2018, when the company revolutionized its offering in line with new principles of modularity and compatibility. As a result, the wardrobe was included in the new Freedhome System, confirming its starring role thanks to its extreme storage capacity, high-quality details, dimensions, water-resistant finishes, integrated and automated lighting.

Camerino Caccaro wardrobe
Camerino was born in 2013: patented U-shaped structure, full-opening doors and greater depth for greater capacity

Shelves occupy all three sides giving aesthetic continuity; uprights make the view of the interior even more free and open. Full-opening doors fold up with a smooth movement occupying the smallest space possible; when the wardrobe is open, lighting is activated by an infrared sensor that detects movement.

Fluid spaces and double-sidedness

To date, Camerino’s functions have grown and expanded to include the living area and home office. Combining its self-supporting structure with the new Architype System, which covers its back, Camerino evolves into an architectural element that divides and organizes spaces without the need for walls.

Camerino Caccaro wardrobe
Double-sided Camerino introduces the sleeping area and Boiserie transforms its back into a compact working station, enhanced by two illuminated inserts.

In combination with Boiserie, the back of Camerino can, for example, accommodate the suspended units of the Wallover System, complements and bed collection. This leads to new and unprecedented configurations that can accommodate, for example, a small study with writing desk, display shelves, a hanging sideboard or even the headboard of the Let’space, Groove and Bishape beds.

Camerino is the perfect ally for the living area, equipped with shelves and dividers that organize the interior space

Discover the new finishes and new modules created for Freedhome, Caccaro’s system for storing objects and designing walls

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