The first Mirrors & Lights catalogue by Inda

INDA presents Mirrors & Lights, a new collection of decorative mirrors with LED lighting and built-in technological systems

Specchio Claire INDA
Claire mirror

INDA, an Industrial Group in the bathroom furniture segment with over 75 years of experience and a consolidated leadership in international markets, presents the first Mirrors & Lights catalogue. This wide collection of decorative mirrors with LED lighting stands out for its quality, technology and customization options in finishes and sizes.

INDA’s lighted mirrors

INDA’s new range of mirrors, designed to meet different aesthetic and furnishing needs, includes container and decorative versions as well as a decorative version with LED lighting. In particular, the latter kind offers a great scenic impact in the bathroom as well as high performance, both in terms of function and comfort, depending on the integrated technology system – Easy, Standard or Plus.

The features of Spalato, Claire, and Pirano

Among the new models with LED lighting from INDA are Spalato and Claire, joined by Pirano, already in the range but enhanced with innovative features.

Claire is a mirror with a sophisticated and original design. A proposal of great impact, available in three perfectly adaptable sizes, with elegant ambient back lighting. Its peculiarity is the absence of visible frame, thanks to the hidden wall attachment, a feature that gives it a floating visual effect.

Spalato has soft shapes and a minimalist frame with radial corners that is extremely clean and without joints, thanks to the one-piece resin frame. The mirror has a useful front light and, in the Plus version, ambient lighting integrated into the frame itself. In the name of maximum aesthetic freedom, Spalato is available in 3 shapes – rectangular, oval and round – and in many color finishes, including the 15 exclusive matte shades of the Your Own Color project by INDA.

Lastly, Pirano is the model that embodies both functional and aesthetic innovations. It has, in fact, a painted aluminum frame on which the front light is placed at 45°. This design detail ensures perfect lighting at all times without shadows, ideal for applying makeup and shaving. Pirano can also count on maximum color customization: it is available in the 15 colors of the Your Own Color range plus a bronzed finish designed for the most glamorous bathrooms.

specchio Spalato INDA

Comfort and innovation

The Spalato Plus and Pirano Plus versions feature also the unique MEALUX® concept, also offered on additional models in the new catalogue. It is the best combination of components and technologies in terms of high quality, lighting performance and dimming modes.

Every aspect related to light is carefully evaluated and tested to aim for excellence in terms of intensity and color rendering. For maximum customization of environments, the light – produced by very efficient LEDs with a service life of more than 36,000h – can be adjusted by selecting the desired intensity, and it is also possible to set it to different colors, ranging from warmer to cooler tones.

The anti-fog feature available for the mirrors in the Plus versions, activated when the main light is turned on, keeps the mirror surface dry and free of condensation. Upon request, it is also possible to include plates with tropicalization, a special processing that makes the mirror even more resistant in difficult climatic situations, characterized by high humidity and temperature.

Specchio Pirano INDA
Pirano mirror

Moreover, in the Plus version, mirrors are equipped with Bluetooth connection allowing you to listen to the music played from your device. Sound is diffused through the frame of the mirror, which, used as a speaker, ensures excellent sound quality even when the cabinet doors are closed. In the Plus version, mirrors also have to 2 USB sockets (one USB and one USB-C) allowing you to charge your electronic devices.

Made-to-measure mirrors

In an effort to pay the utmost attention to the consumer, INDA has developed the “made-to-measure” Mirrors project, which allows the customer to choose a specific size even if it is not in the catalogue. Finally, INDA pays extreme attention to safety, both with regard to the environment and to people. All models that include electrical components ensure easy and safe use and installation. Moreover, they are subjected to strict testing by the Quality Control department for compliance with sustainability criteria.

specchi INDA

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