Maison&Objet will be back January 18-24, 2024 with the excellence in the home decor, design and lifestyle industry

Maison Objet 2024

In 2024, Maison&Objet will turn 30 and, to mark the occasion, the fair’s theme will accompany visitors towards a future where technology and nature harmoniously coexist .

“TECH EDEN”: the theme of Maison&Objet 2024 – January edition

The theme of Maison&Objet 2024 has a double meaning. The January edition will be enlivened by “Tech Eden,” reinterpreting places in a technological and green way. Retail and residential spaces will be transformed to offer new solutions for a sustainable future. The fair, the city with its showrooms and the M.O.M. marketplace will come alive with new expressive impulses in the areas that are most dear to Maison&Objet: interior architecture, retail and hospitality.

Maison Objet 2024
Munna Pema Fateuil de méditation


The space dedicated to retail will be a genuine think tank offering a selection of new products, a program of workshops and conferences, a café. The scenography of the venue has a “soft” design, expressed by enveloping materials, natural forms, and gentle colors. This will serve as a showcase for three major trends: sustainable minimalism, responsible brutalism (re-use and recycling of materials), and organic fluidity.

Maison&Objet 2024
Dune Holo chair by CyrylZ ©Elodie Dupuis


In a post-confinement context, the home and relationships are being transformed by remote working, open-source technology, and e-commerce. New trends are highlighted in this atmosphere: they see the home as a refuge, a soothing cocoon where the living room becomes an office and the bathroom is a place dedicated to well-being. Here, Elisabeth Leriche will focus on a fresh approach to interior decoration translated into installations and immersive décor with “What’s New? In Decor”.

Maison&Objet 2024
Acorn Vase by IlexStudio

The hospitality sector as an escape pod

At the “Hospitality Lab”, trend forecasting agency Peclers Paris will offer three Trends Forum: awakening, active and regenerative. Each of these will embody one of the facets of a hospitality sector that is constantly evolving: from cafés blending into well-being spaces to luxury spas in hotel rooms offering multi-sensory experiences.

Mathieu Lehanneur – Factory – Exhibition space and Mathieu Lehanneur’s brand headquarter ©Felipe Ribon

Mathieu Lehanneur Designer of the Year

In addition to celebrating its 30th anniversary, Maison&Objet – January edition will announce Mathieu Lehanneur as Designer of the Year. The uniqueness of Mathieu Lehanneur’s universe and his global creative approach make this French designer a trailblazer for the design and decoration community. He will have carte blanche to best express his creativity between dream and science. He set up his own studio/gallery in Paris in 2001, where he has designed objects inspired by nature with particular materials expressing himself in different disciplines.

Mathieu Lehanneur – Once Upon a Dream – Smart Sleep Installation ©Felipe Ribon

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