The success of Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control offers access control solutions integrating cutting-edge technology and high-quality design

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control, a company of the Swedish multinational group Gunnebo, a leader in the security sector, offers a wide range of access control systems, ideal for any need and able to enhance any architectural context.

The brand began 2023 with range expansion in the security turnstiles and revolving doors segment, opening up new markets and announcing major product innovations on the automated gate front.

What’s new in 2023

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control turnstiles offer excellence in access control: sleek lines, sophisticated presence detection technologies and, above all, exceptional performance in terms of robustness and stress resistance. The use of these models is ideal in contexts that require a particularly high level of security. Sensitive sites are, in fact, a market where the brand has been operating for a long time now with great success.

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control

In the second half of the year, the company launched FLs MAX, a new gate with endless customization possibilities. A product that perfectly meets current market demands and has attracted the attention of major design studios with whom the brand has since collaborated on numerous installations.

Personalization and cutting-edge technology

Gunnebo offers an efficient customization service in terms of colors, accessories, finishes and installation methods. Different and functional, the company’s solution are installed in total respect of the aesthetics and architectural prerogatives of the place.

Moreover, pre- and after-sales service has always been a flagship of the brand. In fact, Gunnebo has long offered on-demand preventive maintenance and service packages. In particular, it has developed automated systems that allow the machine itself to communicate the onset of a fault. The technician is, therefore, called by the machine, not by the client.

GlasStile Motorized Doors

A glimpse into the future

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Controll plans to develop a new maintenance system. Soon, in fact, it will be the barriers that alert the technician even before the failure even occurs. This speed of action is highly valued by large companies, which look to the advantage of a safety-guaranteed activity that never suffers unscheduled interruptions.

Also popular is Gunnebo’s EntraLinq App designed for remote access control: a tool particularly liked by security managers of multi-location companies as it is designed to remotely control information gathering, monitoring and subsequent practical decisions.

EntraLinq App

Gunnebo’s news for 2024

Gunnebo Italia Entrance Control is studying highly innovative new automatic entrances that will allow the level of security typical of sliding leaf barriers to be guaranteed, combining it with the compactness of hinged doors.

The brand also plans to develop barriers for the ECO-branded retail segment: manual and motorized turnstiles, entrance gates and doors, produced by the same company that makes security booths and revolving doors, HC2.


Guided tours of the plants

Gunnebo never misses an opportunity to meet with its clients. In fact, it organizes guided tours of its production facilities in Lavis (Trentino-Alto Adige) and Albiate (Lombardy), delving into specific products upon request. The plants are close to the clients allowing them to personally and quickly test the high standards of production and quality control that make the brand a leader in the security market.

Security booth

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