Signature Kitchen Suite presents SKINS Wine Cabin

SKINS Wine Cabin is the new cabinet designed by m2atelier for the undercounter wine cellar from Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite, the built-in appliances brand of LG Electronics Group, whose high-performing product line combines design and technology, is presenting S K I N S Wine cabin, a refined design cabinet created by m2atelier to contain the Signature Kitchen Suite’s undercounter wine cellar, one of the brand’s most recent and versatile products.

Refined aesthetics meet the best Signature Kitchen Suite technology

S K I N S is characterized by pared-down aesthetics, urban suggestions and vintage references, making it perfect for any interior design style. The new cabinet by Signature Kitchen Suite, with its bold architectural character, is a freestanding element that can be placed leaning against the wall or in the center of the room.

Therefore, it is a versatile and functional product that becomes a highly decorative furnishing element, defined by an interesting material mix with textural and chromatic effects.

Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Cellar

The rotating central base of S K I N S, in burnished brass, supports a structure that lends itself to customization with various finishes, from wood to leather, to wrap around micro-ribbed glass.
Like a precious high-jewelry chest, S K I N S safeguards the finest wines, stored in the ideal conditions of Signature Kitchen Suite’s undercounter wine cellar, complete with a “vanity” area for glasses, wine and champagne bottle stoppers, corkscrews and bottle openers, carafes and decanters.

The name of S K I N S is an intentional play on the brand acronym, SKS, whose product is concealed, like a precious gem, IN the wine cabin designed by m2atelier.

Features of the undercounter wine cellar from Signature Kitchen Suite

The brand’s undercounter wine cellar, with a capacity for 41 bottles, comprises two separately adjustable zones for temperature and humidity, each one with its own evaporator and stainless-steel partition. Moreover, the 4 shelves in natural beech give textural feel and stability, help eliminate odors and substances that might alter the properties of wine, and act as a natural regulator of the internal temperature and humidity.

The stainless-steel profiles run smoothly on glides of the same material, for maximum vibration damping. The Linear Inverter Compressor is silent and minimizes vibrations while the triple glazed dark frosted glass of the doors protects from UV rays to prevent light-related alterations

Singature Kitchen Suite undercounter wine cellar
SKS undercounter wine cellar

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