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Samsung launches the new generation of Jet™ cordless stick vacuums

Samsung presents the new generation of Jet™ cordless stick vacuums ensuring premium usability and enhanced cleaning experiences

Samsung Electronics Italia announces the launch of the new generation of Samsung Jet™ cordless stick vacuums, a family of products with distinct features sharing high suction power and a focus on long-lasting performance, also given by completely washable filters, cyclones and tank. This crescendo of technology, innovation and performance culminates in the top-of-the-range model BESPOKE Jet™ AI.

BESPOKE Jet™ AI: the first UL verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum and the most powerful in Samsung’s range

The flagship of the Jet™ range is the BESPOKE Jet™ AI model, which, thanks to the Digital Inverter of the HexaJet™ Motor, reaches up to 280W of suction power, making it Samsung’s most powerful cordless stick vacuum to date. BESPOKE Jet™ AI is also the first cordless stick vacuum cleaner to feature an AI verification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organization Its AI Cleaning Mode classifies the floor type and automatically provides the optimal suction power and brushroll speed with excellent results. Moreover, the AI Cleaning Mode is capable of reducing battery consumption by up to 14%.

The BESPOKE Jet™ AI is lightweight and easy to maneuver thanks to its 180-degree rotation, including side-to-side, that makes it possible to catch dirt in hard-to-reach places such as under sofas, beds, and in tight spaces. For greater cleaning precision, the LED lighting on the Active Dual LED brush and Slim LED brush+ illuminates the surface highlighting dust for more thorough cleaning.

Clean Station™: hygiene at all stages of cleaning

The Bespoke Jet™ AI’s upgraded All-in-One Clean Station™ is able to automatically empty the dustbin for quicker and more hygienic cleaning, preventing the user from contact with dust, recharges one of the two included batteries, and serves as an elegant stand for the device when not in use. After disposal, the Clean Station™ automatically closes the cover: convenient and hygienic!

Battery life and filtration

The new Jet™ range also stands out for its long battery life, which in the top-of-the-range model reaches up to 160 minutes with the two batteries provided (100 and 60 minutes respectively). The Jet™ range’s multilayer filtration system traps up to 99.999% of dust and allergens for cleaner air. And, for those with pets, there’s the Pet Mini+ brush, which is super-efficient at picking up pet hair and features anti-tangle technology to prevent clogs.

Models and availability

In addition to the top-of-the-range model BESPOKE Jet™ AI, there are 7 models in the Samsung Jet™ range: Jet 95 complete extra, Jet 95 multi extra, Jet 85 complete, Jet 85 premium, Jet 75E pet, Samsung Jet 75E complete, Jet 65 pet.

From November 20 until the end of 2023, Samsung is online with a digital video campaign that has a dual focus: on the one hand, the washability of the product, which allows the Jet™ range to be kept clean and efficient over time; on the other hand, the features and accessories of the new Jet™ range, which make it perfect for people with pets and, therefore, more specific cleaning needs. Video available at this link.

Finally, until December 31, 2023, thanks to Samsung’s promotion “Tu scegli la Jet, noi ti premiamo”, those who purchase a model from the new Jet™ range will receive a free additional brush (Scrubber, Slim Soft, Dual or Turbo Action depending on the Jet model purchased).

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