The latest from Cordivari Design at Fuorisalone 2024

Technology that decorates with the new fan coils from Cordivari Design

At DDN HUB, the Fuorisalone event held at the ADI Design Museum, Cordivari Design will present two new heating/cooling fan coils: Run and Seven Lines, designed by Monica Alegiani & Vanessa Massacci.

Elegance, minimalism and high technology

Cordivari Design’s new fan coils are ultra-slim, silent and high-performance. Designed to best suit any interior design style and operate with heat pump systems, Run and Seven Lines are the best solutions in terms of efficiency and comfort in home air conditioning.

Run and Seven Lines by Cordivari Design

Run‘s design is characterized by a sequence of vertical lines running across the front of the fan coil unit, creating a symmetrical play of light and shadow with a sophisticated style and rhythm that lend elegance to any indoor environment. Moreover, it won the Archiproducts Design Awards in 2023.

On the other hand, the modern design of the front of Seven Lines creates a striking harmony of grooves and flat parts, resulting in a delicate repeating pattern with a contemporary and refined style.

Both are customizable with the over 80 colors in the Cordivari Design Colour System including glossy, matte and textured shades, for the ultimate in style and efficiency in any living environment.

Management and connectivity

Cordivari Design’s new fan coils allow you to easily manage power on, desired temperature and ventilation remotely from your smartphone, at any time, through the app that controls all connected devices.

In fact, thanks to the Wi-Fi thermostat, it is possible to conveniently manage both Run and Seven Lines in IoT mode through the Smart Life mobile application. This is the most advanced configuration for home use and allows all functions and settings of each unit to be operated remotely through stand-alone logic or through the creation of groups or levels. With the same mobile application it is also possible to manage the Vestalis® Cordivari heat pump system.

Finally, all models can be managed in stand-alone mode through the thermostat. In this fan coil management mode, each unit can be individually controlled, managed and set independently of all other units that may be present in the system.

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