The light that purifies air

In recent years, healthy and clean air at home has become an increasingly important element for our well-being. Air purifiers, which have become increasingly popular, are the result of sophisticated design and are often integrated into appliances that perform other functions. Moreover, the trend of integrated kitchen and living areas, with central kitchen islands, creates a need for alternative solutions for the installation of the hood, which is no longer wall-mounted.

For this reason, several extractor fan manufacturers have developed models of ceiling-mounted hoods, enriched with the lighting function. The chandelier hood performs the same suction/filtering functions as common hood, and, in some cases, is even a ionizer and air purifier. They are a brilliant idea for a healthier and cleaner air at home, as well as contemporary furnishings able to match different styles and needs.

The hood hidden in a pendant lamp

Furthermore, a lighting hood can be placed anywhere in a house in order to have clean and purified air in every room – even in the bedroom, the study or the spaces dedicated to home office. Thanks to their construction technique, they exhaust air directly to the outside, and today’s technology makes it also possible to easily remove filters and wash them in the washing machine. Last but not least, extractor fans are now equipped with especially quiet motors, solving also the problem of noise.

Falmec hoods equipped with E.ion system, besides filtering and purifying air, are also equipped with ionizing system. In this way, the LED ceiling lamp becomes a complete system allowing you to have constantly clean, healthy and scented air. The hood, equipped with a sensor, turns on only when needed. Filters can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

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Chandelier hood Interstellar, by Elica

The chandelier hood: a furniture piece

Among the several models offered by ElicaInterstellar is an impressive decorative element. The external surface is made of polished steel and 1,150 spectacular pieces of glass. With the Interstellar chandelier hood, it is also possible to adjust and direct the lighting system and to automatically calibrate suction power depending on the vapors emitted.

On the other side, Audrey, another product by Elica, has a slightly bell-shaped silhouette and a central LED ceiling lamp for a higher light intensity. Finally, Summilux, by Elica again, combines mirror polished steel or copper with a contrasting frosted glass surface for an impressive decorative effect.

Chandelier hood Summilux, by Elica

Mood by Novy is a pendant lamp consisting of two shells containing the filters. Light can be adjusted choosing between warm or cool light, punctual or diffused, and gradual dimming.

Another Novy product, the Cloud hood is a minimal ceiling lamp that illuminates the room thanks to the LED bars distributed along its perimeter. Depending on the models, the homogenous light can be adjusted from the cooktop or with the remote control.

Carlo Colombo designed Glow, by Faber, a hood designed expressly for the living area. The suction and filtering functions are integrated into a ceiling lamp that becomes a perfect furnishing accessory. Glow is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to lower or lift the hood as needed, while working.

Chandelier hood Glow, by Carlo Colombo for Faber


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