Accessories for indoor green spaces

A new series of accessories creates more space for plants at home, in the office, in public areas

USM, the Swiss company universally renowned for the Haller series of shelving units, has expanded its collection with a series of accessories allowing you to have plant pots in every corner of your house, office, or any other private and public space.


Nowadays, we spend 80% to 90% of our time indoors every day. Adding plants to a room significantly improves our well-being. Moreover, it helps reduce stress and boost productivity in the workplace.


Plants significantly improve air quality in indoor spaces. If there is no other space available, you can also grow food plants in pots, with the necessary precautions. USM Haller accessories can be easily integrated into your interior design and allow both plant experts and beginners to create their own ‘green landscapes’.

USM Haller modules with pots are ideal partitions for public spaces

Furniture modules include panels with pot cut-outs and special watering sets. The panels are available in 5 sizes and 14 USM colors; pots come in one size and two colors (Terracotta and Basalt).

Discover the indoor garden by Tom Dixon

In open-plan offices and co-working spaces, the modules with integrated plants can be used as partition screens between workstations or to structure larger rooms. They can also create separate areas in restaurants or add a cheerful touch to hospital foyers.

At home, USM Haller modules with plant pots are suitable for any room, from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom, as partitions or storage units with shelves. Lastly, the modules can also be combined with the USM Haller E advanced lighting solution.

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