Active Surfaces by Iris Ceramica: an extra weapon against viruses

With its technological innovation, Iris Ceramica Group fights Covid-19

The Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milano carried out a research to test the antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2 of the Active Surfaces ceramics.

Active Surfaces showroom in Iris Ceramica Group headquarters, Castellarano (Emilia Romagna)

The data highlighted that Active Surfaces are able to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (natural light and traditional light bulbs even at low intensity).

This significant result follows the ISO Certifications (ISO 21702 – ISO 18061) testifying to the effectiveness of Active Surfaces against four viral strains: H1N1, H3N2, Enterovirus 71 and Poliovirus. Active Surfaces are also certified for their effectiveness against several antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Urban Active collection with Active Surfaces treatment

Active Surfaces: hygienic surfaces

Iris Ceramica Group developed this cutting-edge technology capable of making ceramics eco-active back in 2009. Active Surfaces are made active by a photocatalytic process using titanium dioxide with added silver. This technology is protected by two European patents. Once they are active, they are able to eliminate pollutants and microbial agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds), as well as bad odors and they are even self-cleaning.

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Urban Active collection with Active Surfaces treatment

The sanitizing and hygienic power increases the possible use of ceramic, a material that expresses an authentic and original beauty. But ceramic has also intrinsic technical features that make it one of the best performing materials in the world. Thanks to these characteristics, it is used in industries where high performance is required, including the biomedical sector – particularly in dentistry and dental prostheses – and aerospace.

Discover the new Iris Ceramica flagship store in Milan

Pietre di Basalto Active collection with Active Surfaces treatment

Iris Ceramica Group expresses a culture that revolves around ceramics as one of the noblest materials in nature, used by mankind since the discovery of fire.

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