Sports meet design at Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, Canada

Taktik design creates a a new schoolyard for Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, Canada, for outdoor learning and sports

tiktak design-scuola-saint-paul-varennes-canada

Taktik design renovated the outdoor spaces of Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, Canada. The schoolyard, which was originally paved and divided by a road, was completely redesigned thanks to the purchase of the street and an adjacent residential lot. In this way, the area was unified and enlarged, making it possible to create new functional spaces for outdoor study and sports.

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 tiktak design-scuola-saint-paul-varennes-canada

Outdoor life at Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, Canada

The schoolyard of Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, Canada, is divided into different areas with different functions.

The lounge area allows pupils to study and relax outdoors, and includes tall solid wood and aluminum tables as support and workstations as well as long picnic tables in FSC-certified wood for dining or studying in a group. A series of yellow zinc-plated steel chairs sit alongside wooden platforms that can be used chairs and benches. All of the tables sit under sail-shaped roofs that protect them from rain and sunlight.

tiktak design-scuola-saint-paul-varennes-canada

Also in the lounge area are a series of small, partially shaded, house-shaped pergolas that provide cover for additional work and picnic tables, available to students and all school staff.

Adjacent to the lounge area, a two-step high elevated area covered with shaped stone paving provides a stage for outdoor school performances.

The schoolyard designed by Tiktak favors outdoor exercise

In the schoolyard, just after the lounge area, there is an entertainment area with synthetic turf equipped with anodized aluminum ping pong tables, and a training circuit with different exercise modules ranging from static and dynamic stretches to balance games. In this area there is a gigantic “PAUL” in blue aluminum. Finally, the lounge and entertainment areas are surrounded by a colorful running track of over 160 meters.

The last part of the schoolyard is dedicated to group sports. This area houses a basketball court, whose marking divides it into three sub-fields; a multi-sport field with synthetic grass strips and a space to practice spike-ball; dek hockey courts and a professional-sized soccer field. All playing fields are adequately lit, and can also be used by the surrounding community. [Photo: Maxime Brouillet]

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