Lasvit’s works on view at Fuorisalone 2022

At Milan Design Week 2022, Lasvit presents Sanctums, an exhibition on collaborations with emerging talents and internationally renowned designers

Lasvit milan design week 2022
A:Live, lighting sculpture designed by Stefan Mihailović

To mark Milan Design Week 2022, Lasvit presents Sanctums, an exhibition of the brand’s iconic pieces featuring the latest product innovations. The works on show, created in collaboration with world-renowned designers such as Yabu Pushelberg or David Rockwell, will show the Design Week 2022 audience the beauty of Bohemian blown glass in all its shapes. Works of art and high design of incredible beauty and elegance will be displayed. The event will be curated by Maxim Velčovský, Lasvit’s Art Director; he was named Creative Director of the Year by Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards 2020. Sanctums is intended to be a follow-up to Monster Cabaret, the legendary exhibition created by the brand in 2018, also during Fuorisalone. Monster Cabaret, in fact, was such a great success that it won the Milan Design Award as the best Fuorisalone event of that edition.

A slab of A:Live

Sanctums: the best of Lasvit on display

With Sanctums, Lasvit will pay tribute to icons such as Herbarium, Midsummer, Chiper or Globe Metro, iconic pieces of the brand that have become part of design history. Also on display at the same time will be new glassware and lighting collections, created in collaboration with the world’s top designers. Among the new 2022 additions will be A:Live, a kinetic modular glass installation designed by Lasvit design team member Stefan Mihailović. A:Live, through a series of simple movements, can create majestic and complex lighting compositions, perfect for decorating spaces in a very scenic way.

Lasvit Fuorisalone 2022
Cirrus, by Yabu Pushelberg

On the other hand, Cirrus, by Yabu Pushelberg, consists of a system of thin, translucent glass screens fixed on a self-supporting track. The sheets, of different sizes and colors, lightly and elegantly replicate the shapes and colors of clouds in the sky.

Frames by Mária Čulenová

Constellation is David Rockwell’s new collection for Lasvit, which includes a horizontal pendant lamp, a wall sconce, and a floor lamp. The three lamps, representing Cassiopeia, Orion’s Belt and the North Star, respectively, result from local craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Higlights at Milan Design Week 2022

Lasvit Fuorisalone 2022
Upside-Down by Boris Klimek

Next on display will be Boris Klimek’s Upside-Down: a ceiling chandelier made of simple cables and bare bulbs with a glamorous aesthetic. And Hidden Light by Jan Plecháč, table and pendant lamps that, like cages, capture light inside the glass.

Hidden Light, by Jan Plecháč

Lasvit, glass between innovation and development

At Milan Design Week 2022, Lasvit will also present the Glissade glassware collection by Yabu Pushelberg. The creation of Glissade took more than three years of development and technical innovation by the designers and glassmakers to fine-tune the intricate patterning of angles, curves, and textures in glass that the design called for. Aesthetically, these glasses faithfully evoke steep snowy mountain slopes while maintaining a unique visual balance. They are also pleasant to the touch and comfortable to handle.

The glasses from the Glissade collection

Symboll is a collection of sustainable glassware shaped by the natural growth processes of mycelium, the vegetative apparatus of fungi. This collection’s completely innovative approach is actually about using mycelium to produce the molds in which master glassmakers blow the glass. This is a new way of working that Lasvit developed and introduced for the first time in the glass industry, thanks to the collaboration of the design studio LLEV, experts in designing products using mycelium.


Sanctums will be open to the public 10:30AM to 8PM, at Via Vigevano 18, Milano

Higlights at Milan Design Week 2022

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