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Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE

Maestrale by LINVISIBILE is a system of fixed leaves that separates the spaces of the house with a see-through effect with a strong scenic impact

sistema maestrale invisibile

Linvisibile introduces Maestrale, a system of side-by-side fixed leaves that is available in floor-to-ceiling or customized heights.

Maestrale can be used as a partition or as a light filter. Its slabs separate the spaces while shielding the view with a dramatic see-through effect.

sistema maestrale linvisibile

The Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE can be completed with suspended consoles, shelves, drawers, either along the entire length or only a portion of the module. The door leaves, ideal for partially separating different spaces in the house, are mounted on aluminum slats; the various leaves, at least one of which with load-bearing finish, can have different finishes on the two sides.

Thanks to its considerable size it can reach and the presence of functional elements for storing everyday objects, this system is ideal for entrance halls, open-plan spaces and any space requiring functional and decorative partitions between different environments.

The features of the Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE

The perimeter frame and aluminum pass-through leaves of the Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE can be made in RAL lacquer colors or in the anodized palette, available in fine-grained, coarse-grained and glossy finishes. The number of modules and different finishes that can be applied on load-bearing leaves are also customizable based on different style and design requirements.

The combinability of the number of doors and finishes, both load-bearing and pass-through, is very high, making this product versatile and suitable to create custom designs with great personality. Available finishes range from glass to ceramic, from perforated metal sheet to fabric, up to leather.

The individual door leaves that make up the Maestrale system are available in 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm wide versions; while their height can vary from 1,900 to 3,500 mm, depending on the chosen finish.


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