EDIT Napoli: design in the Mediterranean area

The Mediterranean soul of design made in Italy has found a home in Naples at EDIT Napoli, which celebrates its fourth edition in 2022

Fine design and Mediterranean culture are the ingredients of EDIT Napoli, the fair born in Naples in 2019 from an idea of Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli. From the combination of their cultural and business skills, a special fair was born, which skillfully mixes unique pieces and small productions of furniture elements, displayed in very prestigious historical settings. The next edition takes place in Naples from October 7 to 9, 2022.

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EDIT Napoli, ph: Francesco Squeglia

The venues of EDIT Napoli

Also for its fourth edition, the fair returns to the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the historic center of Naples. The monument has been a relevant hub for the city of Naples since the Renaissance and is the main headquarters of EDIT Napoli. In addition to this venue, EDIT Napoli 2022 is also hosting several exhibitions in other venues, including Palazzo Venezia, the Made in Cloister Foundation, the Cloister of the Church of Santa Caterina a Formiello, and the Church Museum of Santa Luciella.

EDIT Napoli, Seminario, Monastery of San Domenico Maggiore, ph: Serena Eller

Design meets the world of wine

At the Neapolitan fair, design fully expresses the welcoming spirit typical of the Mediterranean area. For this reason, among its special projects, EDIT Napoli has developed a collaboration between designer Astrid Luglio and the Feudi di San Gregorio winery in 2022. Italian wine excellence meets design excellence in the wine tasting bar designed by Astrid Luglio inside San Domenico Maggiore. The bar will offer a narrative of the winery, which has recently become B Corp, its territory and its community; the narrative also includes wine tasting, allowing visitors to understand the creative process, comparable to that of a work of art.

Discover Atlante, the search engine by EDIT Napoli

Made in EDIT 2021, ph: Serena Eller

Design Lab and young designers

Another special project for the 2022 edition of EDIT Napoli involves the Design Lab of the San Patrignano community; under the guidance of artist Agostino Iacurci, the students of the lab will set up the entrance to the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore. Moreover, students from Abadir Academy of Design and Visual Arts in Catania will set up the spaces of the Seminario, the section of the event dedicated to designers under 30 and new companies. A collaboration between young people.

Exhibitions throughout Naples

In the spirit of promoting the entire area of Naples, the initiatives of EDIT CULT, the program of exhibitions connected to the main show, are expanding to some of the most prestigious places in Naples. In this context, House of Today, the organization that promotes Lebanese design, returns for the second consecutive year. The protagonist in 2022 will be Rumi Dalle, who will represent Lebanon in Italy at Palazzo Venezia. Despite the distance, Naples and Beirut are central places to the Mediterranean culture.

Also with the aim of enhancing the most prestigious places in Naples, the Made in Cloister Foundation will present an exhibition on Dutch designers working on sustainability, curated by Piet Hein Eek, known for his handcrafted works. Lastly, Michele De Lucchi, will present his “Legni Cuciti”, sculptures that show the charm of imperfection, typical of handmade craftsmanship. Inside the museum church of Santa Luciella, De Lucchi will exhibit five new pieces from the series, created especially for EDIT Napoli.

Detail of Michele De Lucchi’s “Legni Cuciti”

Finally, for the Made in EDIT project, the HYBRIDA collection, created by Patricia Urquiola with the Istituto Caselli Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, returns. Two lines emerged from the work begun in 2020: a collection of unique pieces, auctioned with Christie’s to restore the Capodimonte school’s educational garden; the second line, on the other hand, by selecting replicable pieces from the first, became a collection of porcelain objects, which will debut at the fair in different color variants.

EDIT Napoli: October 7-9, 2022

For Made in EDIT, Hybrida collection, by Patricia Urquiola and Istituto Caselli Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, ph: Serena Eller

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