Jurkovič. Bratislava

The iconic Jurkovič heating plant in Bratislava has a new look

DF Creative Group converts the iconic Jurkovič heating plant in Bratislava into a multipurpose structure

Jurkovič. Bratislava

The Jurkovič Heating Plant, built next to the Apollo Refinery, is located in the former industrial area of Bratislava. Over the years, all the large industrial buildings in the area have gradually been replaced by new architectures: innovative structures and multifunctional buildings have redesigned the new city center. These include Sky Park by Zaha Hadid Architects: a complex consisting of three 31-story residential towers with a total of 800 total apartments, a building used entirely for offices with 1,100 parking spaces, and a 30,000-square-meter public park.

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Jurkovič. Bratislava

A new center for Bratislava

For this project, Penta Real Estate held an international competition, which was won by DF Creative Group, a local firm led by Martin Pasko, thanks to a design concept that convinced the selectors.

DF Creative Group succeeded in giving the plant a new look while managing to preserve the characteristic features of the original structure. In fact, the newly added structural elements are offset from the pre-existing industrial elements.

The building is accessible to the general public at the ground floor level and houses a restaurant, a café, the DOT contemporary art gallery, a multifunctional hall for various cultural and social events, as well as offices and co-working spaces.

Jurkovič. Bratislava

From brick to glass: the new look of the former Jurkovič heating plant

The new complex, after renovation, is a modern building that retains its concrete walls, ceiling hoppers from the construction sites, and large industrial-type windows. Technical and stylistic details that perfectly match the new nature and identity of the place.

Inside, the building is well ventilated and lit with natural light. Each room is surrounded internally and externally by large full-height windows, furnished with innovative lighting systems and ergonomic seats. Lastly, on the roof, a large terrace with a roof garden allows visitors to enjoy the warm weather and admire the city’s new skyline. [Photography: Boys Play Nice]


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