Fuorisalone 2023: Superdesign Show

From recyclable materials to contemporary Asia and the new “stars”: this is Superdesign Show 2023

Superdesign Show, the annual event organized by Superstudio for the Milan Design Week, stages installations that anticipate questions and answers about the functions of the world to come. These include Materially’s materials of the future and Samsung’s Smart Home; Giulio Cappellini’s Stars of Today and a series of exhibitions from Asia, illustrating the state of design in that geographical area. Lastly, Food Design Stories addresses a topical issue, water crisis.

Sustainable materials

Learning how to make sustainable choices, with products coming from the circular economy circuit. This is the scenario proposed by Materially, which this year explores further eco-sustainable and reclaimed materials evoking the concept of wonder with a magical and interactive installation. Among other aspects, the use of cement and resin for the benches of the “Building Progress for People and Planet” project by Holcim (Italy), a producer of building concrete, is very interesting.

The smart home

We can enter the smart home thanks to the large interactive space dedicated to Samsung Electronics appliances, with sustainability zones and more.

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superdesign show 2023
Samsung Smart House

Future mobility at Superdesign Show 2023

Lexus, which has been doing research on electric cars and sustainable mobility for 15 years, will be at Superdesign Show 2023 with “Shaped by Air”, a project by architect Suchi Reddy. This project is inspired by the craftsmanship of the Lexus Electrified Sport coupe, and gives a scaled interpretation of it, shaped by light and surrounded by vibrant leaf sculptures. Also on display are prototypes by the winners of the Lexus Design Award 2023.

PNA – Pietra Naturale Autentica

“We are Nature” consists of ten seats made of natural stone, with different textures and colors, positioned around a LED wall cube. The immersive experience of Authentic Natural Stone.

Asian R-Evolution

The section reserved for important Asian exhibitions at Superdesign Show has become an awaited event. This year, Grado Design (China) introduces the round lines of comfort and refined minimalism to the contract and living sectors.

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superdesign show 2023
From China, Grado Design

Japanese exhibitors include Forum8, with an intricate installation dedicated to VR technology and its ever-expanding applications; quantum, with its refined lighting fixtures made in Japan; Tokyo Creative Salon (MitsubishiEstate, Co., Ltd./Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd./All-Ginza Association/Tokyu Corporation/JapanFashion Week Organization/Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd./Panoramatiks/Hakuhodo Inc.), which through a symbolic exhibition promotes the Tokyo Creative Salon, a fashion and design festival.

superdesign show 2023
From Japan, Forum8

Thailand is represented by Slowhand Design Thailand by DITP, which adds a new chapter to the “Slowhand Design Exhibition” with a group exhibition of materials from local companies. Moreover, Seoul Design Foundation (Korea) is the design hub that understands innovations, inspires creatives and expands their imaginations.

Slowhand Design Thailand by DITP

Stars of today and tomorrow

Moving on to next generation design and rising talents, we enter the future. The group show Stars of Today, curated by Giulio Cappellini, acting as a talent scout, presents ten new contemporary protagonists on the design scene: Leonardo Talarico, Elena Salmistraro, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Ilaria Marelli, Matteo Agati, Sergio Prieto, Daniel Nikolovski, Francesco Forcellini, Antonio Facco, Keiji Takeuchi. They are joined by young professionals, such as the members of the Third Floor Collective, from London’s Royal College of Art.

Stars of today, Ilaria Marelli

The Donne&Design section returns with “Mirror – CreaTTive allo specchio“: we get to know eclectic and multitasking designers with significant portraits by Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi, a very young and sensitive photographer presenting her first exhibition.

In Food Design Stories’ installation “EstETICA FLUIDA”, a moving path takes visitors on a journey around the work of twenty independent designers on the theme of water conservation.

Food Design Stories, Estetica Fluida

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