Opera by Pratic in the heart of the Chianti senese region

Opera, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic, stands out in the outdoor area of boutique hotel Locanda Le Piazze, an old farmhouse nestled in the Chianti hills

Pergola Bioclimatica Pratic Hotel La Locanda Le Piazze

Opera, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic, defines the outdoor area of the boutique hotel Locanda Le Piazze in Castellina in Chianti. The hotel is located in an old farmhouse dating back to 1540, among the vineyards of the Chianti Classico senese area. The elegant property offers bright, comfortable rooms and manicured, welcoming outdoor spaces.

Boutique hotel Locanda Le Piazze

The continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces makes it possible to offer a highly immersive experience to its guests. Also the restaurant’s outdoor can be enjoyed during all months when the hotel is open, thanks to a dehors that seats 38. The terrace, about 120 square meters in size and sheltered by olive trees and fragrant plants, is bordered by six bioclimatic pergolas by Pratic.

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Pergola Bioclimatica Pratic Hotel Locanda Le Piazze

Opera, the eco-friendly pergola by Pratic

Designed by Gianni Menconi’s Project & Design Home Lab, the ambitious renovation project of hotel’s outdoor area entailed the replacement of the previous structures with PVC cover – also by Pratic – with a new custom-made structure that makes it possible to use the outdoor area from April to October – the opening period of the hotel.

The firm has created a refined outdoor environment, a peaceful and comfortable oasis that the designer and the client decided to enrich with Pratic’s Opera pergolas for greater beauty, efficiency and functionality. This bioclimatic model is capable of preventing the sun rays hitting the covering from reflecting on the windows of the rooms above, while guaranteeing the perfect light and temperature even on the top floor.

Pergola Bioclimatica Pratic Hotel Locanda Le Piazze

Technical features

Opera’s aluminum blades, adjustable up to 140 degrees, rely on natural light and air recirculation to offer customized and sustainable comfort. In fact, a simple gesture on the multi-channel remote control allows you to adjust the pergola’s automations at will, including the tilt of the cover, which can close completely to shield rain and channel it along the uprights, or create cozy shelter against the heat and rays of the sun.

Moreover, the perimeter protection is guaranteed by Slide Glass 60 sliding glazing, which, combined with two spans with windows, fully protect the room without giving up on the contact with the surroundings.

Pergola Bioclimatica Pratic Hotel Locanda Le Piazze

Opera at Boutique Hotel Locanda Le Piazze

Opera’s six wall-mounted and self-supporting modules integrate perfectly in the terrace of Boutique Hotel Locanda Le Piazze. The main requirement for the project was a stylistic consistency between the outdoor area and the historical building. Refined and simple, Opera pergolas have created a natural extension of the restaurant, thanks to a smart combination of custom-designed colors. Volcano gray profiles and post profiles recall the recurring color of the windows and the details of the boutique hotel; at the same time, the ecru shade of the covering matches with the building nuances and gives great brightness to the space. Lastly, when blades are closed or at night, the lighting is entrusted to Spotlights and to the low light of perimeter Led lines.

A sustainable bioclimatic pergola

In line with the “green” style of the boutique hotel Locanda Le Piazze, the Opera pergolas by Pratic pay close attention to sustainability. These pergolas are zero-impact structures made only with renewable materials. moreover, their lacquering is made with non-polluting and certified components that guarantee the greatest resistance to UV rays, salt and humidity, and a long-lasting color fastness.

All Pratic’s pergolas stand out for their perfect circularity and their ability to maintain unaltered their technical and aesthetical performances over time. That’s why, following the renovation of the terrace restaurant, the pergolas with PVC cover originally installed for Locanda Le Piazze have been offered to the center of Castellina in Chianti for new uses.

Photo: Ivan Rossi

Discover Connect, Pratic’s new bioclimatic pergola equipped with mirrored surfaces and cutting-edge technology

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