Monocabin, the tiny house that brings Italian design around the world

Monocabin is the family of prefabricated tiny houses designed by Mandalaki to bring democratic luxury and Made in Italy design around the world

Monocabin Mandalaki tiny house

Milan-based firm Mandalaki presents Monocabin, the family of prefabricated and eco-friendly luxury micro-houses that can be built anywhere. Mandalaki’s tiny houses are true design projects: mini and smart solutions, made with high-quality materials and Made in Italy furniture.

Monocabin by Mandalaki: mini houses and maxi comfort

Mandalaki’s small houses are coming to Padua in the smallest version (27 square meters), and returning to Rhodes in a larger version (49 square meters). The new XL5 model (93 square meters) is currently under construction in the Californian desert and will be ready in early 2024.

Monocabin Mandalaki tiny house
Monocabin in Rhodes

Therefore, the Monocabin project consists of tiny houses that can be built anywhere and with limited costs. Buyers only need to have a plot of land and, after inspections and checks, will be able to have their fully equipped and furnished house in less than three months.

Democratic luxury and sustainable design

With the new constructions in Padua and Rhodes, Mandalaki continues to bring democratic luxury and sustainable design around the world. These tiny houses are, in fact, accessible to everyone and eco-friendly as well as equipped with every comfort and furnished with Made in Italy furniture. The products used to furnish them include Coco-mat mattresses made from regenerated algae, Valcucine kitchens, surfaces by Abet Laminati, Halo Edition indoor and outdoor lights by Mandalaki, Zieta accessories, and artisanal furniture by Daniele Bolgan.

Monocabin Mandalaki
tiny house
Monocabin in Rhodes

Safe, durable, and guaranteed for 30 years, Monocabin combines technological innovation, functionality, and aesthetic research. Moreover, it protects and enhances the environment thanks to sustainable materials and construction processes. From walls made of a hemp and lime bio-blend to customizable finishes and recyclable accessories, from LED lights to solar panels – which make the home energetically self-sufficient –, every design detail has been studied to combine maximum energy efficiency with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic.

Monocabin in Rhodes

Nature as a friend

Mandalaki’s tiny houses feature large windows that interrupt the structure making the interior bright with natural light. this way, the house is immersed in the surrounding environment while preserving privacy. Lastly, the firm, keeping its focus on conscious and sustainable design, makes Monocabin’s modules with a view to miniaturization, so as to decrease the overall dimensions during the transport reducing the impact of CO2 on the environment.

Monocabin in Padua

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