Milano Design Xmas Trees

With Milano Design Xmas, Towant invites 28 architectural firms to design Christmas trees that will be on display until December 20, 2023 in the city’s most renowned design showrooms

Milano Xmas Design Towant
Left, design by Dainelli Studio; right, tree by Icona Architetti Associati for Flou-Natevo

Milano Design Xmas is Towant’s new initiative dedicated to Christmas inviting 28 Milan-based architectural firms to create their own Christmas tree in line with their flair and creativity. The trees will be displayed until December 20, 2023 inside the design showrooms that have joined the initiative: Cesana, DGA, Domal, Flou-Natevo, Manerba, Moroso, Nerosicilia, Tabu, UNOPIU’ and VIVA – Valli.

Milano Design Xmas Towant
Tree by LPA Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners for Flou

People will be able to vote for the most interesting project by visiting the various showrooms Moreover, the trees will be presented with exclusive Christmas parties to celebrate the individual projects from December 12 to 14. Official Drink Partner of the initiative is Camparisoda, whose colors and bottles will help set up some of the projects.

The architectural firms involved are Barreca & La Varra, Bartolomeo Fernandez Architects, consalez rossi architetti associati, Dainelli Studio, DBmLab Architects, De.Tales, deamicisarchitetti, FORO Studio, GAM _ Gruppo Architetti Milano, GaS Studio, GruppoTre, HD ARCHITETTI, HIT arcHITects, Icona Architetti Associati, Il Prisma, LPA Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners, Mantero Associati, MatStudio, Mazzei Architects, NM-Architetti, Officina 03 Building, piersolieri architettura, PlanStudio, SGS Architetti Associati, STUDIO AZZOLINA, Studiocarta, and Tétris Design x Build.

Top, left, tree by Studio Azzolina; right, De Tales; bottom, left, design by deamicisarchitetti for VIVA-Valli

Milano Design Xmas: a new successful Towant event

Milano Design Xmas is a project of Towant, an agency dedicated to organizing unconventional architectural initiatives in Italy and abroad, which collaborates with some of the most important Italian and international design brands. Among the events they organize are ArchichefNight, dinners with an architect as the chef; and DJ Arch Night, a traveling evening in design showrooms where the DJ is always an architect. Finally, ArchitectsParty, parties held in architecture studios in Italy and Europe.

MilanoDesignXmas Party Calendar | December 12-14, 2023 | 7 p.m.

Tuesday, December 12

Cesana + Nerosicilia [Via Solferino, 18] | Officina 03 Building, piersolieri architecture, Studiocarta

Manerba [Piazza San Simpliciano] | GAM _ Gruppo Architetti Milano, GaS Studio, Tétris Design x Build

Moroso [Via Pontaccio 8/10] | DBmLab Architects, Mantero Associati, MatStudio

Tabu [Via Melone, 2] | GruppoTre, HD ARCHITETTI, Il Prisma

UNOPIU‘ [Via Pontaccio, 9] | HIT arcHITects, NM-Architetti, SGS Architetti Associati

Wednesday, December 13

Domal [Viale Bianca Maria, 2] | Barreca & La Varra, consalez rossi architetti associati, Mazzei Architects

Flou [Via Edmondo De Amicis, 53] | Dainelli Studio, Icona Architetti Associati, LPA Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners

Thursday, December 14

DGA [Corso Monforte, 23] | Bartolomeo Fernandez Architetti, FORO Studio, PlanStudio

VIVA – Valli [Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone, 1] | De.Tales, deamicisarchitetti, STUDIO AZZOLINA

Left, project by HIT arcHITects; right, SGS Architetti Associati for UNOPIU’

Photo: Domenico Lops

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